real fur storageAfter what may have seemed like a lifetime of waiting (and maybe even saving every disposable cent you could), you’ve finally purchased your dream coat. Congratulations on your new addition! Whether this is your first fur coat or you’re adding on to an already sizeable collection, there’s no doubt you’re treasuring your new piece of fur apparel immensely. However, a big part of owning vintage fur coats is knowing how to take proper care of them. We want to help you with this area of fur ownership in any way we can. After all, taking good care of your fur coat ensures you’ll be able to wear and enjoy it for many years to come.

Since winter is starting to give way to spring, you’ll soon have to consider putting your fur coat into storage until it’s cold enough to wear again. In this article, we’ll discuss the best storage techniques to follow, so your coat will be ready to wear towards the end of the year.

Choose the Right Materials

Some owners of fur apparel believe their fur coat should be stored much like any other piece of fine clothing they may own. This mindset involves the theory that all you need to do to store a fur coat is to drape a garment bag over it, hang it up in your closet and call it a day. However, you truly need to invest a bit more time and care into storing your fur to follow the best protocol of how to take care of real fur.

We encourage you to be mindful of how you hang any of the vintage fur coats you own. For example, you should not use plastic garment bags for your fur. It’s too suffocating, and will damage your fur. Additionally, you may want to invest in special hangers designed specifically for fur coats, as they will help to preserve the coat’s shape.

Keep Temperatures in Mind

One of the most important rules regarding real fur storage is that fur does not like heat. Keeping your fur coat in an environment that’s too hot can actually create damage, which can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair and even ruin your ability to keep wearing your fur the way you want. On the same note, you’ll also want to avoid putting your fur coat in any sunlight. Dark and cool is always best. More specifically, you’ll want to keep the temperature of your wardrobe or closet no higher than 40°F.

Of course, if you don’t feel confident in your ability to store your fur coat well, you can always turn to professional storage services to care for your fur until you can wear it again. The majority of storage services maintain just the right conditions to keep fur apparel in top shape. Storage is just one of the many services we offer at Morris Kaye & Sons. Get in touch with us to learn more about our storage facilities, as well as our other services.