Take great care of mink fur coats.
Mink fur coats can last a lifetime with proper care.

You have probably heard of at least one person who inherited a beautiful mink fur coat from a relative who passed away. This individual may have even inherited the mink coat from someone else before that. When you purchase fur coats for women, it’s important to learn how to properly protect it so you can have something you can pass down to someone else in your family. These tips will help you keep your women’s fur coats looking great for many years to come.

Don’t Store It at Home

It’s tempting to consider storing your fur coat at home because you don’t want to spend the money on professional storage. However, this can be one of your biggest mistakes. Most homes don’t have the capability of maintaining the humidity levels and temperatures required to keep your fur coat in great shape. If you don’t know how to store a fur coat without causing it damage, you aren’t going to be able to protect your investment and you will need to purchase a new coat before too long. For this reason, it’s important to consider sending it to your local furrier to ensure it will be stored in the ideal conditions.

Hang It up Properly

While you should never store your mink fur coat at home during the summer months, when it is in your home, it’s essential to ensure you use the right method of hanging it. If you use a typical hanger for your fur coat, you will find the shoulders become misshapen and the coat will no longer fit the way it once did. Instead, store it on a wide hanger, possibly padded, to give your mink coat the support it needs and helps it maintain its shape. It’s also important to make sure your closet has plenty of room. Overcrowding will cause creases and other damage to your coat over time.

Limit Sun Exposure

It’s unavoidable to take fur coats for women out into the sun. However, you should work hard to reduce the amount of exposure your coat gets. Too much sun exposure will cause the fur to oxidize and then fade. If certain parts of your coat are exposed to more sun than others, the changes will be obvious whenever you wear your coat. This means storing your coat in a dark closet instead of hanging it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Clean Your Coat Regularly

Most people don’t clean their fur coats often enough. This is because they can’t just throw it in the washing machine or take it to the dry cleaner. It needs to be cleaned by a professional furrier who will use specialized techniques and cleaning solutions to remove any dirt and debris from the furs. This is an essential task before you put your coat into storage for the summer months. It should also be done if you ever notice any excessive dirt or debris in between your regular cleanings.

Check It for Damage

Regardless of how well you protect fur coats for women, they can become damaged from normal wear and tear. This is why it’s important to check your coat over every time you put it on. As soon as you notice something is amiss, take it to your furrier for experienced fur coat repair. A mink fur coat isn’t something you will be able to fix on your own.

Professional Storage Is Best

Now that warm weather is here, taking women’s fur coats to your local furrier is one of your best options for protecting your investment. You need to make sure your coat is kept in the proper conditions and a secure facility. Most furriers will be able to provide these conditions so you can be sure your fur coat will be ready to wear as soon as the weather begins to cool off.

Protecting your fur coat investment should be one of your top priorities. Whether you purchase a mink fur coat or you wear other fur coats for women, you need to know how to store a fur coat and otherwise maintain it. Without the proper maintenance, your coat will quickly degrade and it won’t last you a lifetime. Fur coats are known for becoming a precious family heirloom. Don’t allow yours to fall by the wayside.

If you’re looking for a furrier that knows how to store your fur coat properly, contact us. Morris Kaye & Sons Furs is ready to help you protect your precious investment.