real fur accessoriesWhen it comes to fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio, you have quite a bit more options at your disposal than just wearing fur apparel. You can just as easily outfit your home with gorgeous fur accessories as well. In fact, this is a very viable option for those who may not be able to afford fur coats, or simply want to show off their love for fur even more than they already do. Fur decor is stylish and will give off a cozy personal touch to your home. However, there’s something of an art to decorating with it effectively. Keep reading for a few handy tips on how to approach using real fur accessories as part of your interior decorations.

Play Around with Color

In actuality, using real fur accessories to decorate your home isn’t too different from working with any other type of decor. You simply have to be consistent in your design choices. One of the most effective ways to do this is by sticking to a color scheme you enjoy. You could start with one of your favorite colors and combine it with one or two other colors that coordinate well. For instance, if your favorite color is seafoam green, you could make that the “main” color of your decor and use grey, yellow or coral pink as accents. If you aren’t sure how to create the best color scheme, there are all sorts of color palette resources online to lend you a hand in making your decor look nice. One of the best things about fur decor is it comes in a wide array of color options, so you should be able to easily find something that matches your taste.

Be Subtle

It may be tempting to purchase every piece of fur decor that catches your attention so you can fill your home with it all. However, we recommend you don’t do this. Fur is one of those types of accessories that naturally stands out, especially in comparison to more normal types of home decorations. Using a lot of fur decor at once will be overwhelming to the eye and runs the risk of looking gaudy, which very few people want.

Instead, consider using only a few accessories within one room, such as a fur blanket draped along your living room sofa and perhaps a matching rug. You can still get creative without going overboard.

Make Sure It’s Palpable

Fur not only catches the eye easily, but it’s one of those materials that many people feel the urge to touch. Arrange your fur decor so that you, your family and any guests can obtain physical contact with it if they so desire. Fur blankets and seats are excellent choices for decor for this reason, as these are the types of objects people tend to interact with naturally.

We hope this quick guide has helped you gain a better sense of how to accessorize with real fur, especially within your home. Contact us to learn other ways to incorporate real fur accessories into your everyday life, as well as sample our inventory!