Selecting the perfect fit for a real fur coat can be tricky. If you’re shopping for your first fur coat, it’s important to know your measurements. Sure, you’ll likely be able to fit into a real fur coat if you blindly order based solely on the size of your other winter coat, but it’s also possible it won’t feel or look perfect. And when you’re talking about how to wear real fur, comfort and fashion should be the top priorities.

When you think about all the types of fur coats available, it’s easy to see why getting specific body measurements and coat measurements are critical. Some coats are fit to the person’s body, some are full-length and loose, and others may be intentionally oversized. Each person’s body is unique and deserves to have a perfectly-fitting fur coat for the specific occasion they need it for. We are here to help you by providing tips on properly measuring for a perfect real fur coat fit.

Consider Both Comfort And Fashion

The first consideration to make is whether you want a real fur coat primarily for comfort, fashion, or a combination of both. From a fashion perspective, the fur coat needs to fit snugly on your body. The reason is that a fur coat that is too loose may impact the appearance of the fluffy fur and look like it doesn’t fit well on your body. It’s especially important to focus on how well the fur coat fits on the shoulders, as you don’t want it to be too snug or too loose.

Many people choose to buy a real fur coat because they love how comfortable they are. But a lot of the comfort experienced comes from the fur coat fitting perfectly. If it’s too big or long, then it could be heavy or bulky and make it difficult to move around in. And if it’s too small or tight, then moving could place stress on the seams and possibly damage the fur in different ways. So even if you have no interest in having fashionable fur and only want a real fur coat to fit comfortably in, it’s imperative to find the perfect fit for your body.

Measure Your Body Accurately

Now that you understand why it’s essential to have a perfectly-fitting real fur coat, we can look at how to go about getting measurements. Measuring your body precisely should be the first step, and it’s imperative to be as accurate as possible if you’ll be shopping for furs online. The measurements you need to take include the chest or bust, back and shoulders, sleeves, arm length, waist, and hips. One thing to remember is the arm length of a fur can always be altered if it’s too long, so if you feel more comfortable adding some length to your arm measurements, then it shouldn’t hurt anything. However, the shoulders, back, waist, and chest need to be exact, so ask someone for help and measure them a few times to ensure complete accuracy.

Try On A Fur Coat When Possible

When you’ve narrowed down the types of fur coats you’re interested in, try them on if possible. You should also consider comparing your body measurements with the real fur coat measurements to know what feels the best. Even if you try on a fur coat you don’t necessarily want to buy, if it fits you well, then you’ll know what measurements you need even if you purchase one online. When you try on a real fur coat, be sure to wear it as you normally would. This means don’t suck in your stomach, stick out your chest, or change your standing or walking posture. Your movements should be smooth, and you shouldn’t feel any tightness or resistance in the fur coat.

When In Doubt, Work With A Professional Furrier

Professional furriers can help you understand exactly how to wear real fur and even take perfect measurements for you. These experts want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your fur coat since you’ll likely be wearing it for years to come. The last thing you want to do is order a fur coat and not wear it as often as you’d like due to it being uncomfortable. It may even be ideal to gather your measurements, try on a couple of different options, and then get the final opinion of a professional before making your purchase.

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