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How to Restyle a Fur Coat

A fur vest is one option when using fur restyling on an old furs.

Fur coats are often inherited from older family members. Fur was the norm for decades so people from all backgrounds often have fur coats or stoles. For modern women, the furs from decades ago may or may not suit their personal style. If you have an aunt who gave you a fur coat, but it’s simply too big or over the top for your lifestyle, you can have the fur coat restyled. Fur restyling is one of the many amazing things about owning a fur piece. Fur restyling allows you to take a coat you have no use for and turn it into a piece you’ll wear often. Fur tailors are experts at their craft and able to make suggestions or take directions to create a fur piece you’ll enjoy wearing.

There are many things that can be done in fur restyling. For the most part, a quality fur tailor can alter and cut the coat into any style you wish. A long fur coat can be made shorter and excess material can be used to create pockets or details on the coat. The excess material can also be used for other items, such as a pillow or a teddy bear. Fur tailors never let fur pieces go to waste and will be able to come up with something you can enjoy, even if it’s in your home. Depending on how much excess fur material is left from a coat, you may be able to have another fur piece, such as a shawl or scarf, made. All of these re-purposed fur pieces are lined and made to stand on their own. You will never know it was made from another piece in your collection. A fur coat can also have a collar removed or added. There’s always the option of giving the coat a more tailored fit as well. This looks modern for most women and slips over a suit or dress nicely versus the hefty jackets that were popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

If the coat is something you’d like to do away with all together, think about a fur vest. Fur vests are  increasingly popular and allow you to wear fur in a more casual manner. Fur vests are a great option for those who live in a warm climate that only dips to the 40s or so during the cold weather months. This allows you to wear fur in an appropriate manner for your weather.

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