Fur shawls and wraps have become very popular for those shopping for modern fur pieces. Classic fur coats are great, but can sometimes have a look

How to Wear a Fur Shawl or Wrap

that’s over the top. Let’s face it, a long fur coat is not convenient for most modern lifestyles. Women are shopping for fur pieces that are easy to wear and functional for casual and evening wear. A fur shawl or wrap are perfect for both occasions, giving you major bang for your buck.

1. Toss a fur shawl on with jeans. The first thing to remember about wearing fur in a modern manner is to skip the rules of when to wear fur. Fur works during the day, as long as it’s styled correctly. Juxtapose a fur shawl or wrap with a T-shirt and jeans. It sounds dramatic and it is, but it also looks effortless and chic. Think Kate Moss when working a look like this. It should look easy going, but pulled together.  Don’t ruin the look with a frumpy T-shirt and ill fitting jeans. Stick with clean lines and a T-shirt that hangs well on your body. Jeans should ideally be a dark rinse and fitted with a straight leg.

2. Put it over a fabulous blouse. If you’re searching your closet for something amazing to wear to a birthday dinner or cocktail party, toss your fur shawl over a fantastic blouse. Something in silk is best, but a blouse with a fun print also fits the bill. You’re abiding by a more is more fashion philosophy here, and it makes sense to add a shirt that’s equally opulent. On bottom, go with a pencil skirt or skinny slacks in a dark hue like navy or black to anchor the look.

3. Mix it with other textures. If you’re a fashion-savvy lady, you know that mixing textures is where it’s at for winter. Mix your fur shawl with other textures such as nubby knits, cashmere and fuzzy wools. This mix of textures is a great way to look trendy while sticking with basic colors in fairly basic shapes and styles. Try a black cashmere sweater over houndstooth wide leg pants topped with a fur shawl. This is a sophisticated look that’s wearable for all ages.

Wearing a fur shawl or wrap in these ways makes it easy to wear your fur piece on a regular basis. As with any statement fashion piece, confidence is key. Walk tall and smile to give an ease to fur worn for more casual occasions.