how to wear realCelebrities wearing fur while walking on the red carpet has given people the impression that a real fur jacket is reserved only for the most glamorous occasions. While it’s true fur is perfectly suitable for these occasions, it’s also acceptable to wear for even the most casual events. When you learn how to wear real fur, you’ll quickly realize it’s one of the most versatile pieces of fashion you have in your closet. Here are some of the events where you can sport your fur in style.

Formal Events

Formal events like a wedding, a gala, a business function or other professional events are perfect for wearing real fur. You may choose a full length real fur jacket or coat if you want to look particularly formal. And the best part about fur is both men and women can be the talk of any formal event when they wear their stylish fur.

Casual Nights Out

For the casual night out with friends, co-workers or other acquaintances, a real fur vest may be your ideal option. It’s not quite as formal as a full length coat, but still makes a fashion statement without going overboard. Consider using different types of fur for casual events as well to mix in different colors and appearances. And of course, you should always feel comfortable accessorizing with your fur.

Outdoor Events

The great thing about fur is it’s fashionable and offers a practical use as well. You may not own a warmer piece of clothing than your real fur jacket, which makes it perfect for attending outdoor events when the temperatures are cool. Whether you’re going skiing or just being a spectator at a football or hockey game, your real fur jacket is the first thing you should grab to keep you warm.

Everyday Get-Togethers

With so many different types of fur available, you can literally wear it for anything. If you’re going shopping with friends, grabbing lunch with someone or even simply going over to someone’s house to socialize, there’s a piece of fur for the occasion. Of course, a full length fur coat may not be the most appropriate thing to wear for an everyday get-together, but there are plenty of other fur garments you can choose. And if you have a full length fur coat you don’t wear anymore, consider getting it restyled so you can turn it into a garment you can wear for these situations.

Morris Kaye & Sons believes every occasion gives you the opportunity to wear your fur. The opportunities are virtually limitless, and how you choose to wear it is completely up to you. Finding the right thing to wear for different events can be a challenge, but one thing you can guarantee is your fur will fit right in. Feel free to contact us at any time to see our fur options and learn how fur can be a big part of your fashion.