vintage fur coatsWhether you’re a long time participant within the fur fashion world or just beginning to get your feet wet, there’s a lot to learn and keep up with when it comes to the industry. At some point when you’re browsing through new finds or about to make a purchase, you may come across a term or phrase that makes you scratch your head. Don’t feel embarrassed; this happens to absolutely everyone.

That’s why our team at Morris Kaye Furs has come together to continue our fur fashion glossary. Keep reading to learn a few more relevant terms for describing real fur accessories.

Uncased Pelt

An uncased pelt is essentially a pelt composed of two conspicuous. The pelt’s leather backing will be on one side of the garment, while the fur itself will be on the opposite side. You may also hear of an uncased pelt being referred to by the term “open pelt.”

Tip Dyeing

“Tip dyeing” is a type of coloring process used exclusively for real fur accessories. It involves the furrier adding dye to the pelt’s guard hairs—but only to the very tips. By adding this secondary color, the furrier can give the fur a two-toned color scheme that, for many people, is more pleasing and appealing to the eye.


The term “sculptured” tends to refer to vintage fur coats and other accessories made from mink fur. It involves the furrier combining several portions of fur, usually cut into tiny pieces that still feature quite a bit of detail. By doing this, the furrier can create a more eye-catching piece with a unique texture and pattern.

Letting Out (Dropping Out)

The two terms described above are considered interchangeable. “letting out” and “dropping out” both refer to a technique commonly used to create real fur accessories. It involves cutting the pelt the apparel will be made from diagonally. Afterwards, it is sewn back together in a thinner and longer shape. This is meant to enhance the overall texture of the fur.


“Crystalling” refers to a specific technique for dyeing fox fur. It is typically applied to fox pelts that are naturally blue or silver in color. To crystal the fur, professionals add blonde and red dye to the pelt’s underfur. The guard hairs at the pelt’s top layer are left intact. This create a visually appealing and unique affect that many find attractive.

We hope this new glossary will give you a bit more insight into the various terms associated with fur fashion. The next time you go out shopping for fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio, you’ll be able to look much more easily for the style you want. Of course, this isn’t the only way we can help our clients. Contact us for answers to other questions, or to learn more about our services and inventory.