Fur Coats for Spring
Furs can still be incorporated into a spring wardrobe.

During the cooler months, it can be difficult to think about weather getting warm enough so you don’t need to wear your fur coat anymore. However, as spring approaches, you may wonder if it’s possible to incorporate your furs into your spring wardrobe. While you don’t want to wear a full-length, heavy fur coat as the weather warms up, there are ways you can still use furs during the warmer weather.

Make a Fashion Statement

You don’t need to wear a full fur to make a statement with furs. Instead, you can choose products that are made from other materials as well that won’t make you feel too warm. For instance, try a Denim Vest with Coyote Trim to add a touch of elegance to the more casual denim when the weather is too warm for a fur coat. Or perhaps a Leather Jacket with Red Fox Trim is more your style. Any piece with fur trim is bound to make a fashion statement.

Keep Warm

Spring nights can still be quite chilly, especially if you live in the northern states. Having a shorter fur jacket, such as the Fox Fur and Leather Jacket, can help you stay warm when you don’t need something to protect you against the bitter cold of winter. If you don’t want a full jacket at all, another option is to choose a fur vest, such as the Knitted Raccoon Fur Vest, giving you the look of fur without the incredible warmth, just enough to keep off the spring chill.


Another popular way to incorporate furs into your spring wardrobe is to choose fur accessories you can wear, no matter what time of the year. For instance, handbags made from fur are a great option, allowing to add the look of fur in any temperature. You can also choose fur scrunchies to allow you to put the look of fur in your hair without adding too much warmth to your wardrobe.

If you would like to continue to wear furs during the warmer spring months, you need to find new ways to incorporate fur into your wardrobe. This could mean wearing jackets that feature fur trim instead of choosing a full jacket or coat made from fur. Another option is to choose a fur vest or short fur jacket to provide warmth in the cooler evenings. You can also choose fur accessories, such as handbags or scrunchies to incorporate fur during any of the warmer months.