calgon lambAs the weather grows increasingly cooler, you may find yourself pondering your options for outerwear. While there are certainly many different types of outerwear at your disposal, not enough people consider one of the best choices out there—coats and jackets made from calgon lamb. Not only are they an incredibly warm option for outerwear, but they are also much more reasonable and suitable for those who are in limbo with mink fur coats. However, before you rush out to purchase a shearling wool coat of your own, there’s one other element worth considering in comparison to other types of fur products. How easy are they to care for? Do they require as much maintenance as a normal fur coat? Keep reading to learn more about this subject.

Clean Your Wool Coat Regularly

Just like with any other piece of clothing you own, it’s important to keep your calgon lamb clean. However, there’s a certain way to approach this process. For starters, dry cleaning is always the way to go when it comes time to clean your shearling lamb outerwear. You should never, ever use a washing machine for this job; this can ruin your coat. Ideally, you should have your calgon lamb thoroughly cleaned on a yearly basis—preferably, during the spring.

You can also perform cleanings on a much smaller level throughout the year as needed. Even with regular annual cleanings, your shearling wool may accumulate dirt and stains over time. No matter when or how often you clean your coat, you should always utilize professional services. They will have all of the tools and expertise necessary to clean your coat both completely and properly.

Hang Your Wool Safely

Hanging is another important component of calgon lamb coat care. Your coat will need quite a bit of room in order to thrive and remain healthy. Be sure to make ample space in your closet for your shearling wool prior to purchasing it, especially if you have quite a bit of clothing already stored there. Make sure your coat is able to dangle naturally as it hangs. If you must cover it up, do so with a garment bag made of cloth rather than one made from plastic.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Just like mink fur coats and other fur accessories, your shearling wool is especially vulnerable to heat. Never expose your calgon lamb coat to excessive amount of heat or fire. Doing so can ruin the leather that holds the coat together as well as the wool itself, leading to problems that are either extremely expensive to repair or even beyond repair altogether. Similarly, avoiding harsh sunlight is also important, as it can potentially cause your wool to discolor.

Of course, there’s always much more to learn when it comes to how to take care of real fur, be it mink or calgon lamb. Contact us at Morris Kaye and Sons for expert help on caring for your fur apparel.