real fur coats in dallasWhen it comes to fur apparel, the amount of time you have to wear it throughout the year can feel frustratingly small—especially if you live in Texas, where the weather remains quite warm throughout most of the year. At best, it may begin to cool down enough in October for you to break out a fur jacket. By November all the way up to mid-February, the weather might become brisk enough so you can wear your collection of fur coats. However, from late February all the way until October, you can count on the weather being much too warm for wearing or even purchasing fur… but is it really?

The truth of the matter is the summer may be the absolute best time to pick up real fur accessories for yourself or a loved one! Here are a few reasons why.

Off-Season Apparel Tends to Be More Affordable

The most common misconception is that it is most affordable to buy new clothing during seasonal sales. However, plenty of studies show the best time to add to your wardrobe is during off seasons. This means buying new tank tops, shorts and swimsuits during fall and winter, for instance, or—more relevantly—buying real fur accessories during the summer. Why is this so profitable? It all goes back to the concept of supply and demand. People are typically more interested in buying certain items only during the “correct” season, such as stocking up on sweaters during the fall months. As such, stores will hike up prices on these items in order to pull in the most profit. The reverse is true for items that are off-season. Because demand for them is much lower, you can find these items at lower prices than you would during the season you would typically need to wear them.

Shop Outside of the Box

Of course, you have far more options for fur apparel than real fur coats in Dallas and San Antonio! If you are going to shop for new fur items, it won’t hurt to branch outside of the usual. You can always choose something more seasonally appropriate, such as fur handbags, vests or shoes. Your options are only as limited as your point of view! Now is your chance to purchase and indulge in all of the different types of real fur accessories you may have not considered wearing in the past. Remember: just because the weather has warmed up doesn’t mean wearing fur apparel is completely out of the question; you just have to stick to lighter pieces of apparel and get creative.

We hope this article has inspired you to start shopping around for new fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio to add to your wardrobe. The Morris Kaye & Sons team believes everyone has the right to enjoy high quality fur apparel no matter the time of year. Contact us to learn more about our inventory and services. Through us, you may be able to find the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe!