mink fur coatsThere’s a certain stigma that comes with wearing real fur accessories. Some environmentally conscious people condemn wearing fur because the industry purportedly contributes to animal cruelty and general harm to the environment. However, you can’t—and shouldn’t—believe all of the arguments floating around out there. Quite a few assertions against wearing real fur accessories are simply untrue. What’s worse is the fact that these myths have turned off quite a few potential and long time fur enthusiasts.

If you’re tired of all the myths surrounding real fur accessories, or are simply curious as to what statements are real and which are false, here are a few of the most deeply untrue “facts” about fur fashion.

“Trappers have no regulations for their traps and often inflict excessive, unnecessary pain on animals.”

The fur industry has undergone immense changes over the centuries, especially with regards to the treatment of animals. It is now the goal of every worker within the fur trade to treat each animal as humanely as possible at every step of the process—and especially so when it comes to collecting an animal’s pelt. Fur farmers and trappers alike consider and cater to the well being of the animal, as this is what helps to ensure high quality fur. When you wear real fur accessories, you can rest assured the animals it was made from did not suffer excessively.

“Fur farmers strip pelts from animals while they are still alive.”

This is likely one of the most frequently spread myths about mink fur coats and various other types of accessories. This particular myth came about through the machinations of SAP, or Swiss Animal Protection, who released a horrific video involving animal skinning. However, further investigation suggests that this video is far from accurate when it comes to its depiction of the fur industry and its practices. Furthermore, some animal rights organizations routinely release shock value material and “exposés” to try and guilt people out of wearing real fur accessories. This tactic is not only dishonest, but inflammatory, as it deeply misrepresents how the fur industry truly operates. Fur farmers work under strict rules regarding how they treat the animals under their care. All animals in fur farms die humanely before being stripped of their pelts to ensure minimal pain and/or trauma.

“Some of the fur on the market comes from domestic pets.”

This practice has never occurred at any point within the history of the fur industry. In fact, there are strict laws against it on an international scale. All real fur accessories were and are made from the pelts of wild animals and never from domesticated animals. Furthermore, the vast majority of professionals within the fur industry follow its rules to the letter, ensuring your product is safe and ethical to wear.

When you shop for real fur accessories at Morris Kaye Furs in San Antonio and Dallas, you can trust that each product within our inventory is 100 percent legitimate and ethical according to fur industry regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and services.