vintage fur coatsFrom the 1990s onward, fur has gained—in the gentlest of terms—a less than stellar reputation. Activists from across the world have branded real fur accessories as being harmful to animals and to the environment in itself, and while fur fashion has seen a resurgence within recent years, these statements still hold ground with an unfortunately large amount of people. However, if you’re a fur enthusiast or are just starting to cultivate an interest in the style, you may be wondering: “Is the backlash actually true?”

We’ve done a bit of investigating, and we’re here to deliver the full scoop on fur apparel and its real impact on the environment. Keep reading to learn the facts.

Fur Farming Comes in Its Own Shade of Green

It’s true that some harm has come to the environment because of the fur industry; it would be untrue to say otherwise. We have all heard tales of animals being hunted for their fur and other body parts to the point of endangerment and even extinction. However, the modern fur industry has made extensive changes to its practices over the centuries. It now has several regulations in place to protect and preserve animal populations.

You can witness these policies through the processes used to create several real fur accessories—especially those made from mink. Minks are now specially farmed and cultivated by professionals who strive to give each animal the safest and healthiest upbringing possible. This is because fur industry experts now understand that a healthy and happy animal yields the highest quality fur.

Vintage Fur: The Most Environmentally Friendly Option?

Some fur enthusiasts may still take some issue with the current state of the industry, and this is fine. After all, to each their own. However, we must caution you against passing up real fur accessories and switching over to faux fur. The latter has been proven to possess even worse drawbacks. While no animals are directly harmed by the creation of faux fur accessories, it is still no better for the environment. Faux fur is typically made of synthetic materials, which will never decay. This dooms faux fur products to simply occupy space in landfills once no one wants to wear them anymore.

We believe the best solution is to invest in vintage fur coats and similar accessories. By choosing to wear vintage fur coats, you will be able to gain all the benefits of wearing real fur while avoiding contributing to the development of the modern fur industry. Simply put, no minks were harmed through current fur farming methods to create any of the vintage fur coats you see for sale on the market. These types of fur products have also been well maintained and cared for over the decades, so you can rest assured you’re still receiving a products that is both high quality and potentially more humane.

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