real fur accessoriesIf you’re a fur enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve run into at least one naysayer throughout all the time you’ve spent wearing real fur accessories. We’ve all heard the arguments:

  • “Fur is unethical!”

  • “How can you support an industry that directly perpetrates animal cruelty?”

  • “Why not switch over to faux fur? It’s cruelty-free!”

At Morris Kaye Furs, we believe everyone should have the right to wear whatever type of clothing they want—especially fur! That’s why we make it our mission to not only supply fur enthusiasts with the highest quality fur apparel, but also give them the resources to wear it stylishly and stay informed about the industry as a whole. The next time you’re confronted by someone who takes issue with you wearing your fur, we encourage you to keep these three important points in mind.

“The Fur Industry Has Been Around for Centuries.”

People have been wearing real fur accessories since the very beginning of civilization. In fact, fur may be one of the oldest types of textiles in existence. Fur has maintained such a massive amount of longevity for several reasons and, while it has certainly caused harm to various animal species in the past, we have now put forth several rules and regulations in order to preserve the animals we still use to create fur apparel. Furthermore, some of the animal species we used to kill for their pelts in the past have been permanently outlawed for their protection. The industry is constantly evolving, much like others, and shows no signs of becoming obsolete.

“Fur Apparel Is Made to Last.”

The longevity of fur apparel is not tied to the industry alone. You’ll often find that much of the fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio have been around for decades. This is because fur apparel is designed to last for quite a long time, provided that it receives proper care. When fur apparel does finally start to decay, it does so naturally, leaving behind very little waste. You can even remove the damaged parts of a fur coat to convert it into some other type of clothing. Compare this to faux fur accessories which, while almost as gorgeous as the real thing, are often cheaply made and can quickly fall apart. What’s more is faux fur cannot be disposed of nearly as easily.

“Fur is Much More Practical Than It Looks.”

One of the main reasons fur fashion has become such a staple over the centuries is because it’s incredibly useful! It simply feels as good to wear as it looks. People all across time have relied on fur apparel to keep them warm through the harsh winter months—which is a trait faux fur just can’t match.

The next time you’re interested in buying a new piece of fur apparel for yourself or a loved one, look no further than Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas and San Antonio. We have a full inventory of excellent real fur accessories for you to choose from, as well as plenty of services to keep your fur in excellent shape. Contact us to learn more about what we do!