Wear your real furs in warmer weather too.
Real furs can be worn in warmer weather too.

When most people think of bringing out their fur coats, they think of the coldest parts of the year. However, did you know it doesn’t have to be freezing outside to wear real fur accessories or a real fur jacket? While furs are known for their incredible warmth, knowing how to wear real fur when it’s not quite so cold outside can be useful. You can learn how to wear a fur coat casually when the temperatures are a bit warmer in the spring and fall, rather than waiting until the dead of winter to bring our your real fur.

Fur Vest

Instead of wearing a full fur coat, you can get the same feel of real fur when you choose a fur vest. These vests are made from the same furs as fur coats are without being overly warm, making them the perfect addition to your fall or spring wardrobe. With the variety of fur types and colors available, you will be able to find a beautiful fur that complements more of your wardrobe. If you want to know how to wear real fur in a more casual manner, fur vests can be the perfect alternative.

Fur Jacket

Most of the real fur coats you find will feature thick fur that is designed to keep your body warm. This is because many animals have thick fur to keep themselves warm for the same reasons. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear your furs when the weather is a little warmer. A nice fur jacket often features thinned fur that will still provide the same luxurious look and feel without the high level of warmth. Some of these jackets feature a combination of fur with other materials, such as leather or even denim, to give you an even more casual look.

Fur Cape

Another excellent alternative for outerwear during slightly warmer times of the year is the fur cape. This casual way to wear real fur can provide a stylish upgrade to just about any outfit, giving you the beautiful look of furs without concern over whether you will overheat because it isn’t freezing outside. These capes are available in many of the fur types and colors so you can find one that accurately portrays your sense of style. These furs come in a number of slight variations so you can choose a look that complements your body type best.

Choose Lighter Colors

It may seem unusual to think the color of a fur coat can play a role in how warm it is, but the fact of the matter is, darker coats draw in more of the sun’s rays and can warm up more quickly, much like a darker colored car will get hotter much faster than a white car or one in a lighter shade. If you are looking for the perfect fur jacket or coat, consider buying one that is white, light gray or even a lighter shade of brown. This will allow you to wear it when the weather is just slightly cooler, rather than limiting your furs to the cold winter months.

Fur Accessories

The final and perhaps most versatile way to wear real fur without concern regarding overheating or overdressing for the occasion is real fur accessories. There are any number of options from which you can choose. For instance, a fur handbag isn’t going to make you warm, but it can really dress up your outfit, especially when the weather is warm. You can also find real fur scarves, gloves, hair ties and much more. Just about anything can be made from fur to help give you a little extra warmth and create a fashion statement at the same time. Even something as simple as fur trim can be an excellent way to integrate real fur into your wardrobe.

If you want to know how to wear a fur coat casually or just how to wear real fur when the weather hasn’t yet dropped to freezing or below, there are many options, including real fur accessories or a real fur jacket. The options provide you with a vast number of ways to implement fur without having to worry about whether you will get too warm or if it’s really cold enough outside to warrant it.

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