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It’s Finally Getting Cold Outside: How to Accessorize with a Real Fur Scarf

Make a great fashion statement with real fur accessories.Real fur accessories can make a real fashion statement.
Make a great fashion statement with real fur accessories.
Real fur accessories can make a real fashion statement.

The weather is getting colder and before you know it, there will be women in fur just about everywhere you look. With all the latest fur fashions, most people are looking toward the luxurious fur coats on the market. However, have you considered the use of real fur accessories to accent your wardrobe and provide the incredible warmth you’re looking for without the need for a full fur coat? When you know how to accessorize with a real fur scarf, you will be able to look fashionable without investing in more expensive furs.

Over Your Coat

Like most people, wearing your fur scarf over your coat can be a great way to look fashionable and stay warm, despite what the temperature is outside. While you can wear a scarf made from fur over a full fur coat, it’s often best to pair it with something made from a different material so it can stand out and create a new look for an older coat. There’s nothing that says cool weather better than a great scarf draped around the shoulders of your favorite winter coat.

Over Your Favorite Sweater

If you want to know how to wear a fur scarf casually, the answer is in the outfit you choose. While some people see a fur scarf as only a piece of outerwear to keep you warm outdoors, today’s fashion states scarves can be worn at any time, even when you’re inside. Pairing your favorite real fur accessories with your favorite sweater can create a fun new look for your wardrobe. You will love being able to show off your favorite furs, even when you plan to spend your time indoors.

Over an Evening Dress

The fall and winter are filled with events where you need to dress your best for the evening. Whether you’re going to a work Christmas party or a New Year’s event, you can make your evening dress look even more stunning when you drape an elegant fur scarf over your shoulders. Everyone will be checking it out all evening, and it can be a great conversation piece that keeps you the center of attention at the event. Having a fur scarf over your evening dress will also make it easier to step outside for a breath of fresh air without having to fully bundle up.

Over Your Blazer

When you’re headed to work, you may be wondering what you can do to stay warm in the office. For some people, the office is a cold place, regardless of the time of year. When you know how to accessorize with a real fur scarf, you will be the talk of the office in a good way. People will be impressed by your fashion sense, and you will be able to feel more comfortable while you work. The good news is you won’t be breaking your work dress code by wearing your outerwear indoors.

Over a Cardigan

Sometimes it’s not quite cold enough to break out the full fur coats, but you want to be able to stay warm too. In this situation, grabbing your favorite cardigan out of the closet can be just the ticket you need. Not only will you get that extra layer of warmth you’re looking for, but you will also be able to pair it with your favorite fur scarf. This gives you the perfect thing to wear when it’s just cool enough to need something, but not cold enough to pull out all your winter gear.

When you’re ready to face the cold weather, it’s important to consider the use of real fur accessories. As the temperatures drop, you will see more women in fur, but this doesn’t mean they will all be sporting full fur coats. The fur scarf can be a fun real fur accessory that is versatile and can be used in any number of ways. Once you discover some of the amazing options for your fur scarf, you won’t go anywhere without it as long as the cool temperatures hold.

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