Learn how to care for women's and men's leather coats.
Women’s and men’s leather coats require extra care.

Not everyone wants to have a full fur coat that is covered in natural fur; instead, they want a fur trimmed coat that can offer some of the elegance and other benefits for which furs are known. Many of these coats are made from leather, creating an all-natural look you will love. However, if you’re going to choose leather coats for women or a men’s leather jacket, it’s important to learn how to care for it so it remains looking great for as long as possible.

Protect the Leather

Most leather jackets for women and men are already pretreated from the factory to ensure they will remain protected from the elements outside and stay looking great. However, it doesn’t hurt to apply some protectants on your own to double up on the coverage. A weatherproofing spray or other sealant can be applied to your coat when you first purchase it, as well as every few years after to ensure your coat is fully protected for as long as you own it. Follow the instructions on the can and avoid getting any on the fur trim of your coat. These products can damage the delicate furs that may be part of your leather coat.

Conditioning and Moisturizing

Unlike some of the other coats you may own, leather coats for women and men need to be conditioned and moisturized to ensure they remain in good condition. Leather is a natural element that can easily dry out without the proper care, causing it to crack and deteriorate. Using a leather conditioner and moisturizer will keep as much moisture as possible inside the leather and ensure it remains soft and supple, not dry and rigid. Again, be sure you avoid contact with any fur that may be used to trim the coat or create accents.

Keep Your Pockets Empty

While you can keep something in your pockets if you need it, you should avoid filling the pockets of a women’s or men’s leather jacket. Leather is a slightly flexible material, but if you keep too much stuff in your pockets on a regular basis, it will stretch out the pockets and make them appear to bulge, even when they are empty. Heavy items can also stretch out the pockets, causing damage to the leather and reducing the lifespan of your coat.

Dry It Naturally

Whether you have a fur trim coat or a full leather coat, you need to learn how to take care of it if it becomes wet while you’re out in the rain. Like fur coats, leather jackets for women and men need to be dried naturally without the introduction of heat. Many people think they need to dry leather as quickly as possible and place it by a heat register or in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, this is one of the fastest ways to destroy the leather. Instead, hang it in a neutral location out of the sun and allow it to air dry.

Get Regular Cleaning

Natural leather and fur can’t be put into the washing machine and dryer like your other winter coats may. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them at all. Pay close attention to any stains you may get and have them cleaned as quickly as possible. Even when not stained, take your coat in for regular cleaning. A professional furrier will have experience with leather coats, in addition to fur coats, making them a great choice for keeping your coat looking great.

Store It Properly

When you’re not wearing your fur trimmed coat, it’s important to make sure it’s stored properly. Hang your coat on a wide, padded hanger and keep it uncovered. Some people place their leather coat into a plastic or fabric hanging bag, but leather needs to breathe. If you can’t hang it up, lay it flat to dry. It should also be stored out of direct sunlight in a dry location. If your leather coat also has fur accents, you may need to send it in for professional storage instead.

While some people love the look of fur, other people want leather coats for women and men with just a touch of fur to create the look they want. Despite the differences, these leather coats can require specialized care, just like full fur coats may. If you want them to continue to look great, no matter how long you have them, follow these steps for proper care.

If you’re looking for a fur trimmed coat or other leather-based coat, contact us. We carry a vast selection of natural coats that make a great addition to your winter wardrobe.