Cool autumn nights are perfect for spending some time outdoors by a fire with family or friends. Whether you prefer to have backyard gatherings, come together at a park, go camping, sit on a rooftop bar, or anything else outside, sitting by a nice warm fire can be a great way to end the day. Depending on how cold it is outside, you may have to balance wearing clothes that will keep you warm enough while maintaining the style you desire. This is where a real fur jacket or real fur accessories can enter the picture and make for an ideal experience. Consider these fur style tips to keep you warm and fashionable when sitting by the campfire this fall and winter.

Puffy Fur Coats Are Comfortable And Stylish

Not many things feel more comfortable than a puffy real fur jacket on a cold night while sitting by a fire. You can choose from many different styles of fur coats depending on your style. You may consider a full-length fur coat for ultimate warmth and fashion, or you could purchase more of a traditional puffy coat with a fur collar and fur sleeves. Sometimes even a small amount of fur around the collar and sleeves are enough to make a simple puffy jacket look like a high-end coat. And whichever real fur jacket you choose, you can wear it all winter long to many different occasions, and you’ll be warm and stylish wherever you go.

Add A Fur Scarf To Any Wardrobe Combination

Incorporating a fur scarf is easy to do with virtually any wardrobe you choose. A puffy fur scarf provides a sophisticated and stylish look, even if you combine it with jeans and a t-shirt. Depending on how fancy the fur scarf is, it will likely showcase your attire, and you’ll surely get plenty of compliments on it. And you can’t underestimate how comfortable a fur scarf is when spending time outdoors by a campfire. The combination of the warm fire and the fur will keep your neck and upper body comfortable in some of the coldest temperatures. And a fur scarf is versatile enough to wear with almost any wardrobe combination, especially if it is a neutral color.

Mix And Match Fur Colors And Styles

The wonderful thing about wearing furs is you can mix and match different colors and styles to find a unique combination. If you’re spending a casual evening with friends around a campfire, consider incorporating a unique mix of colors to see what stands out to you. You could consider a black real fur jacket with a red fur scarf. Or you may decide to go with a cream-colored fur vest with a white fur purse or other accessories. The great thing about combining different fur styles is most combinations look great together, and the more unique the combination is, the more stylish it may be perceived as.

Real Fur Accessories Add A Unique Style

You could potentially be the talk of your next campfire outing with the real fur accessories you incorporate with your wardrobe. A fur scarf is one of the most popular accessories, but many people also invest in fur gloves, hats, purses, shawls, blankets, and even pillows. Of course, some of these accessories are designed more for style than comfort, but it never hurts to add some extra style. On particularly cold nights, a warm fur blanket may be just what you need to stay comfortable with your family, friends, or loved ones. Get a fur blanket big enough to share with others or bring a smaller one for your friends to enjoy along with you. Real fur accessories can boost any wardrobe combination style, and you can be as creative as you want with them.

Morris Kaye & Sons enjoys helping people create unique wardrobe combinations by incorporating real fur accessories. We also have a large selection of real fur jackets, vests, and coats to meet all of your needs this fall and winter. One of the best things about real furs is there are so many options available that you’ll surely find the perfect fit for your style and comfort level. Whether you want a stylish piece for hanging out with friends by a campfire or if you just want to snuggle up with fur at home while relaxing on the couch, we have several options to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, and we would be happy to help you find exactly what you desire.