real fur accessoriesThere are already so many different factors to consider as you shop around for real fur accessories, but there are also many more that you may not have ever considered. For instance, there are specific styles for each type of fur accessory you’ve seen on the market, and they are all distinct from one another. Whether you’ve heard of these styles or not, it’s important to know exactly what they are so you can recognize them when you see them. You may find you prefer the look of some styles over others.

So what exactly are the different styles of fur and how do they vary from one another? They’re known, specifically, as combing, shearing and plucking, and we’ll go over the identifying qualities of each of these styles throughout the rest of this article.


Combing is a particular means of gathering fur that is used specifically with rabbits. Some species of long-haired rabbits, such as Angoras, shed their fur on a regular basis. It is the job of fur farmers and other caretakers to help remove this fur as it sheds to not only improve the health of the animal, but also gather this fur so it can be used to create real fur accessories. All this process involves is taking a comb specially made for running through shedding fur and grooming the animal with it. The shed fur will come out on its own, collecting in the teeth of the comb. The fur can then be removed from the comb for processing.


“Shearing” is exactly as it says on the tin: a professional takes some sort of cutting instrument, such as a razor or scissors, to an animal’s pelt to cut off the fur. This is typically done if the animal’s fur does not shed on its own or cannot be removed by any other means.

This manner of fur harvesting is not only the quickest, but produces a very plush final product. Most raccoon, beaver, otter and mink accessories are produced through shearing.


Much like combing, plucking is a fur harvesting method most often reserved for naturally shedding animals and is typically performed by hand. As the animal begins to shed, the harvester will simply run their a utensil (or their hands) through the fur. By this point, the fur will be loose enough to fall out at the slightest touch, making it easy for the fur to be gathered and used to create some of the fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio that you know and love.

Of all the possible methods fur harvesters use to gather fur, plucking is considered as yielding the highest quality fur because it leaves the entire strand intact. As such, fur accessories made with this style of fur will be the softest to the touch.

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