fur restylingThe warmer temperatures are here, which means you likely won’t be wearing your real fur coat much in the next few months. Properly storing your furs is important, but you also may want to consider fur restyling or making alterations so you have a fresh, new garment ready to wear when it cools down again. Think about how you felt every time you wore your existing fur recently. If you felt bored with the style, thought about altering the length or just wanted to change it up somehow, then now is the time to consider making those alterations.

Take Care Of Any Repairs

The more you wear your real fur coat, the greater the risk is of it getting damaged. However, with proper care and storage, furs are durable and can last many years. It’s important to get any repairs taken care of as soon as possible so the damage doesn’t get worse. You don’t want a minor issue to turn into a major one that can’t be repaired, which could force you into major fur restyling you may not want to do at this time. Take care of any repairs needed on your furs now before placing them into storage and they’ll be in pristine condition the next time you wear them.

Shear Your Real Fur Coat

Many people like to change the length of the fur on their real fur coat. If your coat has a longer pile, consider getting it sheared to alter the appearance. Shearing gives your coat a different texture and overall feel, while still maintaining the warmth you need during the cold winter months. It will still feel the same when you put it on, but shearing the coat almost makes it look brand new because of the style difference.

Change The Hemline To Fit Your Style

The real fur coat you purchased previously may no longer fit your stylistic needs for some reason. You may have purchased a full-length coat for formal occasions, but now you don’t have as many formal occasions to attend. Whatever the situation is, changing the hemline can go a long way in altering the style to fit your new tastes. A formal real fur coat can easily be altered to make it seem like a more casual, everyday coat. And if you want to do the opposite and make your shorter coat into a longer one, it may be possible if there’s excess material in it. Just be sure to have a professional furrier take care of this for you to prevent damage to the fur.

Morris Kaye Furs in San Antonio wants everyone to enjoy their furs to the fullest extent. We completely understand some furs may suit your needs at one point in your life, but those needs can change. With the durability of furs, it often makes the most sense to opt for fur restyling rather than buying a completely new garment. If you’re considering alteration options with your real fur coat and need some guidance, feel free to contact us at any time.