Morris Kaye how to wear real furSo you’re on the verge of purchasing a brand new, real fur coat…whether it’s your first or your fifth piece of fur apparel, this is definitely an exciting time. However, there’s an art to picking out a fur coat. No two coats are alike, and you’ll have to know what to look for in order to choose the best coat for yourself. Even if you’re an experienced fur consumer, it’s never too late to pick up new information on how to select a great piece of apparel. In this blog, you’ll find a few tips on how to shop around and find the very best new fur coat to add to your wardrobe.

Work out How Much You Can Afford to Spend

Before you even conduct that first Google search, you’ll want to sit down and scratch out how much you can realistically afford to spend on your new fur coat. We know you may be tempted to splurge on that perfect piece no matter the cost, but this isn’t the best move! You want to look good, but you don’t want to risk breaking the bank in the process. Look at your finances and factor how much money you can comfortably use to invest in your fur coat, and try to stick to that amount as you shop around. The good news is you can easily find a reasonably high quality real fur coat no matter how limited your finances may be.

Decide What Type of Fur You’re Looking For

There are as many different types of furs out there as there are methods of how to wear real fur! As you shop around for your new fur coat, don’t forget to keep a look out for the various types of fur that are also available to you. Some of the most popular varieties include:

  • Ermine fur is most easily marked by its wintery white color. It’s one of the priciest types of fur out there, but well worth the cost thanks to its plush, one of a kind quality.

  • Fox fur can be identified, in most cases, by its striking red hue. However, some pieces of fox fur apparel are dyed. It is fairly plush and long, making it perfect for wintertime.

  • Mink is deep brown and thick. It’s perhaps the first type of fur that comes to mind to many upon hearing the words “real fur coat.”

Don’t Skip Out on the Dressing Room!

Once you’ve found a great-looking fur coat, it may be all too tempting to skip out of the shop with bag and receipt in hand. We want to caution you against buying merely on impulse! Always give the coat a test run before you commit to it; see how it hangs off your body and whether its shape flatters your own.

No matter which fur coat ends up being “the one,” you can count on Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas (and San Antonio) to help you find it! We’re dedicated to helping all of our clients look and feel great in the fur they wear. Contact us to learn more about our services and sample our inventory.