Morris Kaye real fur accessoriesSummer is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the unfortunate decline in your ability to wear your favorite pieces of fur apparel. While this season usually generates some of the hottest looks of the year, it’s also far too hot to flaunt your fur coat. However, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch fur fashion altogether this season! The best trait of any fashion aficionado is knowing how to accessorize with real fur. In this blog article, we’ll review some of the best (and most underutilized) examples of fur accessories that will fit perfectly within your summer wardrobe!


Fur handbags are a classic choice, and one of the most ideal for the summer months. In fact, they could arguably be one of the best types of real fur accessories you’ll ever find! This unique type of fur apparel already enjoys considerable mainstream popularity. You can easily find faux fur handbags of all colors and styles out there—but trust us, you’ll want the real deal! Luckily it isn’t hard to find an equally wide variation of bag styles made from real fur as well. You can easily obtain one to suit every type of outing you could anticipate to have this summer, from formal evening dinners to playtime outings to the beach with friends and family. What could be a better way to prep for summer?


We’ve all seen fur footwear before. The most common types are mules lined with brightly colored fur in a neat, cutesy band, or maybe even a strappy pair of heels with a puff ball at the back to imitate a rabbit’s tail. However, have you ever heard of fur sneakers? They’re one of the newest trends designers have come up with, and they may just make a few waves in the fur fashion world.

Think of your favorite pair of running shoes with a pouf of brightly colored fur attached to the top, swaying with each step. While the effect is certainly showing, we think this new style of fur footwear is the perfect thing for those looking to add a bit of flashiness to their wardrobe and their collection of real fur accessories.

Fur Linings

If you want to incorporate your summer fur more into your actual wardrobe, there’s actually quite a large selection of clothing items lined with real fur. These items currently range from something as simple as a tee with fur encircling a portion of its fabric, to sweaters with thick bands of fur in places you’d typically expect ornate embroidery. Regardless of the actual style you choose, we know this will be one of the most unique ways to pull off fur styling in Dallas this year!

At Morris Kaye & Sons, we want to help you look good, so you can feel good inside and out! Our dedication is why we’re one of the best resources for real fur apparel in the metroplex. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer.