Morris Kaye real fur vestYou can never learn too much when it comes to how to wear real fur. Take fur vests, for example! This particular staple is perfect for the colder months of the year, as they offer ample amounts of warmth during those blustery days, but are versatile enough to include in any winter outfit. We’ve written this guide specifically to help you make the most of this amazing fur accessory. Read on for some of the greatest fur vest ensembles we’ve witnessed recently!

Flared Skirt + Vest

A real fur vest is the perfect accessory for casual days out. Consider combining a long fur vest with a flared skirt and cute top. The skirt can be of any length, though we recommend something knee-length or shorter. You can pair the skirt and vest with a button-up blouse, with or without sleeves, or even a t-shirt with a cute pattern or graphic print. We suggest keeping the top and skirt monochrome to create a sense of contrast with the natural hues of your real fur vest. To add an even cuter touch, accessorize with tights and your cutest pair of boots, as well as lots of bracelets and a simple necklace.

Vest + Maxi Dress

This outfit is great for those days where it’s breezy but comfortable! Feel free to pick any maxi dress you like. We recommend something solid colored, like a soft white, deep teal, or sky blue. An ombre-patterned dress works wonderfully for this look as well. Just make sure that, no matter what color or pattern you choose for your dress, it combines well with your vest. You can even switch things up by having a solid dress and ombre vest, or ombre dress and solid vest! Add a pair of heels for a dressy touch, or stick to a pair of flats to keep things cool and comfortable.

Statement Vests

Be bold and truly stand out with the help of a brightly-hued fur vest! You can easily combine a jewel-toned real fur vest with a cute top, a pair of jeans or a skirt, and a pair of heels and jewelry. Keep the top and bottom neutral in color (white, black, something in between and denim) to help your fur vest stand out as strongly as possible. Match your shoes and jewelry to the color of your vest; for example, if you choose a purple vest, wear purple heels and earrings with purple stones or a purple necklace. Now is a great chance to break out some of the statement jewelry you may not get to wear so often!

If you’re interested in learning more about fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio, the Morris Kaye & Sons team is here to help! We are the leading experts in the metroplex on how to make the most of fur fashion. We not only offer style tips, but a full inventory stocked with only the highest quality fur apparel and services to help you keep your fur accessories in excellent condition. Contact us to learn more about what we do!