Morris Kaye real fur accessoriesDecember has finally arrived, which means the holidays are close at hand and it’s time to start thinking about gifts to bestow upon your loved ones! Of course, it’s easier to buy gifts for some relatives and loved ones than others. For a young niece or nephew, all you have to do is drop a bit of cash on the latest toy or video game. For adults, however, this can get a bit trickier. What, for instance, are you supposed to buy for that flamboyant aunt or fashion-conscious bestie who’s gaga over fur fashion? How do you buy real fur accessories for someone who already has a closet full of warm and fluffy mink coats?

Whether you’re new to buying fur or are a fur enthusiast yourself, these gift suggestions are sure to delight any lucky recipient!

Plush Fur Jackets

Jackets are an appealing alternative to a mink fur coat; they’re both practical and easy to find in a variety of styles. If your giftee already has quite the collection of real fur accessories, try to look for a fur jacket with a unique design. Look for jackets in vibrant colors or unusual patterns. Stripes and ombre are popular and trendy choices to pick up for your loved one. Alternatively, keep an eye out for coats in different styles. You can easily find sports coats made of wool (or similar furs), which your loved one can wear on cool and casual days out.

Fur Scarves

Fur scarves are another less conventional, but stylish, choice for a fur gift. You can find fur scarves in an assortment of colors, fur types and lengths. Wool is perhaps the easiest to locate and, if you’re on a budget, is also the cheapest option to consider. If you want a more ornate gift, or have a bit more money to spare, scarves made from mink or fox pelts are extremely popular. You can find these options (particularly fox scarves) with or without the head and legs attached. Whole fox pelt scarves will appeal best to giftees who like a more glamorous, vintage aesthetic.

Fur Slippers

If you’re on the lookout for something truly original, look no further than a cozy pair of fur slippers. We don’t mean bunny slippers, but high-heeled mules with fur coating the strap. This particular type of shoe is incredibly versatile. Your giftee can easily incorporate a cute pair of fur slippers into their daily outfit, or make them part of their evening wear. If the slippers are for a special someone, you could even get bold and pair the slippers with a fur-trimmed robe and other negligee!

No matter what kind of gift you’re hoping to give your beloved fur enthusiast, know you can always turn to Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas and San Antonio to find the perfect item. Our staff is 100 percent dedicated to providing all of our customers with only the most high quality fur apparel. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect holiday gifts for those you love!