Morris Kaye real fur coatAlmost everyone is aware of the controversy surrounding fur – especially those who are fond enough of vintage fur coats to keep them stocked in their closets. The backlash against our favorite fashion statement may even have caused doubt to flower in your mind at some point. After all, fur is widely considered to be unethical. Isn’t it better to give up fur altogether, or switch to “greener” alternatives, such as faux fur? If you have pets, you may struggle to reconcile slipping on your favorite real fur coat to take your dog for a winter time walk.

We at Morris Kaye & Sons have devoted our livelihoods to fur fashion, and we’re here to convince you that it’s okay to wear fur! As proof, here are some of our most informative and thorough reasons to make this fashion statement a staple within your wardrobe.

It’s Better For You

Some may balk a bit at this first line of reasoning. How can the slaughter of innocent animals and use of their pelts for fashion possibly be good for anyone? Well, the answer lies in the alternatives. Science points to signs that faux fur may cause our bodies damage due to the materials they’re made from. A real fur coat, however, does not have such issues. The fact that real fur really is safe to wear may bring a bit of relief to some!

It’s More Environmentally Ethical Than You Think!

Yes, you read right! Vintage fur coats may not be as harmful to the environment as PETA has led you to believe. International governments have cracked down immensely on the production and consumption of fur apparel across the world. As a result, you’d be surprised to find furs made from animal populations that would really suffer from it, including species suffering from endangerment. As a result, most of the animals our fur clothing is made from come in large and constantly replenishing numbers.

Furthermore, even the creation of your favorite real fur coat is quite natural. Once the animal is skinned, the fur is “processed” using materials that aren’t nearly as synthetic as what you’d find in faux fur. These materials also help your coat to look brilliant for decades to come.

They Look Great!

This last reason may seem a bit simplistic, but it’s really the best reason to keep vintage fur coats in your wardrobe! We believe if something makes you feel good, and you look good in it, you should wear it. Even in the face of opposition, fur fashion won’t ever truly die out.

If you want to add more vintage fur coats to your wardrobe, or are looking to start your collection officially, look no further than Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas and San Antonio! We are 100 percent devoted to helping all of our customers look and feel great in the fur they wear. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.