professional fur coat cleaning dallasWhen most people purchase a real fur coat, the first images that come to mind are how glamorous it looks. They don’t quite factor in the amount of care fur coats need, or how to approach this important part of fur coat ownership. By now, you’re likely familiar with many of the basics of fur coat care, such as storing your fur during spring and summer and getting your coat cleaned and conditioned. However, yet another aspect of caring for your fur involves preventing matting, especially as your fur ages. Matting is one of the leading causes of damage to fur coats. Whether you’re new to owning a real fur coat or have several already in your wardrobe, here are the important basics on how to keep your fur from matting up.

Brush Your Fur Regularly

Once you invest in a real fur coat, you should start keeping a pet fur brush handy as well. You can use it to brush your fur on a weekly basis. Much like the fur of a real pet (or even your own hair), performing regular brushing keeps your fur coat smooth and tangle-free.

Avoid Excessive Water

It’s inevitable that your real fur coat will get wet from time to time; everyone gets caught in an unexpected drizzle every now and again. However, what you don’t want to do is expose your fur to a downpour or any other conditions that could get it dripping wet. Keeping your fur as dry as possible is an important part of how to take care of real fur, as wet fur is much more prone to matting. If you suspect the weather may grow severe during an outing, be sure to bring an umbrella along with you. Additionally, don’t try to wash your fur by throwing it into the washing machine. On the off-chance your fur does end up soaked…

Air Dry, Don’t Machine Dry

When your fur gets wet, you may be tempted to toss it into the dryer or turn your hair dryer on the especially soaked spots. Don’t. These types of tools will only harm your fur—often beyond repair. The best thing to do is lay your fur down on a flat surface. Spread it out completely; doing so will preserve the fur’s shape. Let the fur air dry, then brush it down once it has dried.

Turn to Professional Services As Needed

Sometimes, try as you might, your fur may begin to matte up anyway. Should you notice this happening, the best thing you can do is consult a service for professional fur coat cleaning in Dallas and San Antonio. An expert can detangle your fur efficiently, and give you extra care tips to keep your real fur coat in good condition.

For more tips on how to take care of your fur, know that you can always turn to our expert team at Morris Kaye & Sons. We provide stellar cleaning services and so much more to fur enthusiasts throughout the Dallas and San Antonio communities. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.