your fur coat is an investmentAt Morris Kaye Furs, we have a little motto: “Your fur coat is an investment.” No matter how long you’ve owned your fur coat, or whether it is your first coat or your fifth, you’ve undoubtedly invested quite a bit of money into obtaining it and maintaining its care. It’s important you preserve your fur coat (and other fur accessories) as much as you possible can. For most people, this means keeping the coat clean, putting it into storage during the spring and summer and setting up the required storage conditions for the fur when you’re able to wear it. However, another way you can protect your fur is through seeking out an insurance policy for it. This will ensure you can easily repair or replace your fur in the event something severe happens to it. Keep reading to learn more about this important step in fur coat ownership.

Step One: Get Your Fur Appraised

One of the first and most important steps to having any of your real fur accessories insured is to have them evaluated by a professional appraiser. By knowing how much your fur is worth, you can ensure its coverage matches its actual value. That way, on the off chance something terrible happens to your fur, you can be fully compensated for your loss. The ideal appraiser will have the skills necessary to fully evaluate every aspect of your fur so as to properly gauge its worth. They can then supply you with the necessary documents to proceed with the insurance application process.

Step Two: Research Insurers

You can’t necessarily assume that your real fur accessories can be added to your home insurance plan. Not all home insurers offer options toward protecting personal belongings. Be sure to ask your company whether they offer such a plan first. If your home insurer will cover your fur, know that you will likely have to instate another rider on your plan for the fur. If not, you can move on to find a different insurer. Look around as thoroughly as you can. Ask each insurance provider you speak with about their policies regarding the depreciation of your fur’s value and how they will handle deductibles.

Step Three: Maintain Your Upkeep

The task of keeping your real fur accessories insured doesn’t end with simply getting your new policy set up. There are things you must do in order to keep your insurance in place. For starters, you should try to get your real fur accessories re-appraised on a regular basis—ideally, once every couple of years. The amount of time between appraisals can vary from company to company, so check with your insurer just to be sure.

We at Morris Kaye Furs are always 100 percent committed to helping our clients take excellent care of their fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio. To learn more about how to best care for your fur, or to find new pieces to add to your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!