A common misconception many people have is wearing fur is reserved only for people of wealth or who have celebrity status. This most likely comes from the fact that many celebrities and television personalities are often seen walking the red carpet in a real fur coat or are wearing fur accessories. Some types of fur coats can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean every piece of fur is not affordable for the average person. 

No matter if you have a simple fur accessory or a full-length real fur coat, it’s an investment you need to protect. When you do so, it will be one of the most durable items you own and could potentially stay in great shape for your lifetime. We’ve explained below why your fur coat is an investment and what you can do to protect it.

Real Fur Can Make A Fashion Statement

Everyone has a unique reason for investing in a real fur coat or other types of fur. You may love the warmth a fur coat, vest or accessories offer and want to wear it every day. Some people have even inherited furs from a previous generation or received some as a gift. Other people may have a specific special event upcoming where they want to make a fashion statement with their wardrobe. Whether you fall into one of these categories or anywhere in between, the fur you have should be treated as an investment because that’s exactly what it is. 

Furs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so when you hear about making a fashion statement, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to have a bold appearance. A neutral-colored mink fur vest in the winter goes great with many different wardrobe combinations so you can experience the comfort and warmth several times a week. It’s amazing what different types of fur coats will do to enhance your overall appearance and you may be making a fashion statement without even intending to do so.

No Substitute For Natural Fur Is Available

When you think about your real fur coat being an investment, it’s important to understand there’s no substitute for the unique and natural fur you have. Of course, plenty of synthetic furs are available, but they don’t offer features anywhere close to the quality, warmth, durability, or physical structure of a natural fur. Synthetic furs may crumble after a few times wearing it, especially if it’s worn in the rain or other harsh weather elements. And it’s usually easy to distinguish the difference between a synthetic fur and a natural fur from a visual perspective. You’ll know exactly the difference between the two when you see and try them, and sometimes that’s what it takes to get a full understanding and appreciation of why your fur coat is an investment.

Protect Your Investment With Great Care

While a real fur coat or other real fur accessories are very durable, they aren’t indestructible. A high-level of care needs to be provided to protect your real fur investment to ensure it lasts for many years to come. If possible, avoid wearing your real fur coat in the rain, snow, or other elements that could potentially damage it. If you have no choice but to do so, take the proper care by drying it out immediately. Never rub the fur harshly to dry it, though, as you could make some of the fur fall out and create bare patches.

Fur storage is something every fur owner should take seriously. Cramming your real fur coat in the closet with the rest of your garments can damage your fur over time in different ways. Instead, hang it in a dry area where it has room to breathe on either side. Make sure it’s also away from direct sunlight and in a cool place. Proper fur storage can be difficult to achieve at home depending on the size of your closet and other factors. Instead of just hoping for the best, consider having your fur stored in a climate-controlled environment with a furrier. They will clean it thoroughly before storing it securely at the perfect temperature to ensure it looks and feels like brand new the next time you wear it.

Morris Kaye & Sons is here to help you find the perfect fur investment and take care of it for years to come. We have many types of fur coats available and accessories to suit anyone’s tastes. And we also offer fur storage to protect your investment. To learn more about furs in general or if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.