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Restyle, Renew, Revive: How to Make an Old Fur Coat Modern & Fabulous

Fur restyling can take an old fur coat and make a fur vest.

Fur restyling can transform the look of vintage furs.

Vintage fur coats are beautiful in their own right, but many people don’t want to wear one that is older and doesn’t have the same fashion appeal today. However, this doesn’t mean you have to find a way to get rid of real fur coats that are outdated. Instead, you can use restyling techniques to make the coat over and create a fur fashion that is more in line with today’s trends.

Change the Length

The length of the coat is one of the easiest things for many furriers to change. If you’re interested in fur restyling in Dallas, you can transform your long vintage fur coat into a shorter jacket. Sometimes you don’t want a long flowing coat that provides an exceptional amount of warmth. Instead, you want something lighter you can wear when it’s cool outside. Restyling your vintage fur into something lighter can satisfy this need without having to invest in a new coat.

Take Off the Sleeves

When you think of real fur coats, you likely think of a full fur coat. However, if you’re looking for great fur restyling ideas, you may want to consider removing the sleeves and transforming that coat into something else. For instance, removing the sleeves and creating a more fitted look can make a great fur vest you can wear to stay warm and accent your favorite outfits. You could also turn vintage fur coats into fur shawls or cloaks for a new look.

Consider Sheering

Another popular trend for real fur coats today is sheering. Rather than leaving the furs their full length to hang down, many people are opting to sheer the fur down so you are left with only the soft under hairs. These hairs are extremely soft to the touch and often much more appealing for wearers. You can shear just about any type of fur if you use the right furrier. Cutting back the fur will create an entirely new look for your coat.

Dye the Fur

While many people love the natural colors of fur coats, jewel tones are one of the latest trends in fur fashion. If you want to update the look of your vintage fur, you may consider changing the color of the fur as part of the process. An experienced furrier can dye your coat one of a large variety of colors. Be sure to consider the original color to help you make the right choice. Whether you choose to only change the color or you use it as part of a more extensive restyle, you will be happy with the final results.

Create Fur Accessories

Just because vintage fur coats are originally coats doesn’t mean you have to keep them that way. In fact, you can turn an older fur coat into several fun accessories you can either wear together or as separate pieces depending on your mood. For instance, one fur coat could be transformed into a fur hat, fur handbag and more. You can then use these fur accessories to accent just about any outfit you wear. If you are shortening the coat, you may also be able to take the leftover fur and create at least one fur accessory to wear with the smaller coat.

Transform the Entire Coat

Perhaps you still want a real fur coat but just aren’t happy with the style. In these situations, a furrier can take the fur coat apart and create a whole new coat from the same pieces of fur. You will be amazed at the difference a complete overhaul could make with your coat. Be sure to discuss your options with your furrier before making a final decision because the current makeup of the coat could have an impact on the designs you can use.

Whether you’ve inherited a vintage fur coat or you have one in your closet you never wear, fur restyling in Dallas can help you breathe new life into your older coat. There are many things your furrier can do that will change the look of your coat and transform it into the latest fur fashion. With the right care and attention to detail, your real furs can look like new and become something you’ll want to wear.

If you’re looking for a furrier who can perform fur restyling in Dallas, contact us. We can provide the services you need to update your vintage fur coats.

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