fur styling in dallasThere’s never any harm in getting a headstart on your passions. In the case of those who love fur fashion, autumn tends to be the best time to brush up on how to wear real fur. Think of this season as a chance to get ready for winter, the period where your fur coordination abilities can truly shine! If you’re interested in trying something new with your fur wardrobe this fall, these outfit ideas are a few great ways to get started.

Long and Loose Layering

One of the best ways to approach how to wear real fur is through layering different pieces, much like you would for any other cold-weather ensembles. Consider combining a loose, long-sleeved top with a sleek but generously cut pair of wool trousers. Add a duster coat, preferably of the long variety, and accent it all with a clutch purse, your favorite pair of sunglasses and a fur collar. Try to stick to dark colors for everything but the fur collar. That way, the collar will serve as the perfect accent piece, its lighter tones will contrast against the dark hues of the rest of your outfit.

Make It Puffy

While puffy coats may have seemed goofy-looking in the past, they have made a bit of a resurgence as of late. One of the most gorgeous ways we’ve seen puffy fur apparel pulled off is in the form of a long vest, worn with a sleek leather top and statement jewelry. Again, you’ll want to keep everything dark-hued for the best possible look.

Play with Patterns

When it comes to fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio, the fur itself doesn’t always have to make a statement. All you have to do is remember to coordinate. To start off this particular outfit, pick out a sweater in a monochromatic or neutral tone. Combine it with a patterned mini skirt, ideally one that uses the same color you’ve chosen for your top. Choose a fur collar in a different color featured in the pattern of your skirt and layer it over the sweater. Compliment the outfit with a quirky pair of earrings and metallic heels in any style you like!

Add Some Sparkle

If you want to look absolutely glamorous on your night out, the key is to start out with a glittery, form-fitting cocktail dress. You can layer a mink fur coat over the dress for an extra touch of elegance (as well as warmth during those chilly walks in and out of the event!) Complete the outfit with sheer black tights, matching black heels and a black bag.

If you have any other questions about the best ways to wear real fur this fall, reach out to us! Excellent fur styling has always been our top priority; let us help you look and feel good in your fur with items from our carefully selected inventory.