mink fur storageWhether you’ve been wearing fur for years or just a few weeks, you’ve likely come to understand storing your fur when the weather’s gotten too warm is an important part of how to take care of real fur. However, deciding how you’ll store your fur can get confusing. There are two main methods of mink fur storage: storing your fur in your own home or asking a professional service to store and care for your fur during the summer. How can you decide which option is right for you? This blog article is meant to give you the help you need to make that decision for yourself. Keep reading to learn more about the two main types of mink fur storage and what factors you should take into account as you choose between them.


One of the first things you may be considering as far as whether to invest in professional fur storage or to do it yourself is the convenience of it all. As it stands, neither of these options will be particularly taxing on your time, provided that your closet or wardrobe already meets all the right conditions for storing fur in the first place. Rather, both of these options offer their own forms of convenience in other ways.

For instance, when you choose to store your fur at home, there’s very little hassle. You won’t have to worry about shopping around for a service, shelling out the funds necessary to keep your fur professionally stored or anything else. However, when you choose professional mink storage, all you have to do is deliver your fur to the service and they’ll take care of everything else until fall arrives.

Peace of Mind

Because storing a fur coat well is so vital to the process of how to take care of real fur, the steps to it could be considered meticulous. Choosing professional services takes the workload right off of your shoulders, so you can rest assured your fur apparel is being properly cared for and you can live without the worry.

However, whether you’re a bit nervous about using a professional service or don’t have any reputable services in your area, storing your fur at home can also offer its own relief. By taking care of storing your fur yourself, you limit the possibility of any blunders that could potentially occur by relying on professionals you aren’t very familiar with.


One of the most frequently considered aspects of mink fur storage is its affordability. We understand not every fur coat owner can actually afford to keep their coats in a storage facility, which may make doing it yourself a more appealing option. However, finding affordable and professional fur coat storage may be easier than you think. Some services store fur coats for just $32!

Ultimately, however, the final decision is up to you. Know that Morris Kaye Furs in San Antonio and Dallas is always here to help you with your fur fashion needs. Contact us to learn about our storage services and so much more.