Mink Fur Coats
Mink fur coats come in a variety of styles.

Mink fur coats are among the most popular fur coats of all time. The mink is an animal with beautiful, silky fur that provides the look of elegance and sophistication people think of when they think of fur coats. The fur is also extremely weather resistant, making it a great option for a warm coat that will battle against the elements. When it comes to the mink coats, there are several variances to allow you to find just the right look for you.


Just like many other fur coats, mink coats come in a vast array of lengths. From the full length coats that practically touch the floor to the shorter jackets that only reach your waist, you will be able to find the perfect combination of look and functionality in mink. Each of these lengths will provide you with a completely different look and function to your coat.

Body Styles

Mink coats also offer a variety of body styles with their coats. You can choose from a straight, narrow fit, a waist suppression fit, a tight fit that hugs the body or a flowing look. Some of these styles look better on different lengths. For instance, you are more likely to find a full length fur coat that offers the flowing or straight and narrow look; whereas, the tighter fits are more likely to be found in waist suppression or body hugging styles.


Even fur coats can have embellishments that provide you with a new look to the mink fur coats. For instance, you may find different types of collars, cuffs and even some color variety in the mink. If you are interested in buying a mink coat, make sure you look at a wide variety so you can see what the variances in embellishments can do for the look of the coat. With some fur coats, you may even find the collar or cuffs can be worn different ways so you can get multiple looks from the same coat.

The most popular type of fur coats, the mink coat, comes in a variety of styles, allowing you to find the perfect look for you. With the variety of lengths, body styles and available embellishments, you can find a fur coat that will reflect your style, as well as provide you with an air of class and sophistication in your outerwear. As long as you take your time and look at all your options, you can find the perfect coat you will love.