how to wear real furWho said wearing fur is reserved only for the winter months? While there’s no secret fur is much more popular when the temperatures drop, there are plenty of opportunities to wear your fur every day of the year. Learning how to wear real fur creatively is easy, and when you discover how many different options you have, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been accessorizing with it up to this point. Here’s how to style your fur for every season throughout the year.

Colorful Furs For The Spring

The main theme every spring is bright and vibrant colors. The flowers and trees are blooming and creating so many different beautiful colors, and you can fit right in with colorful furs. Warm spring days call for accessories like purses or bracelets, but a nice cool spring day is perfect for a real fur vest. You can choose to dye your fur a vibrant spring color or simply complement it with other colors in your attire.

Light Fur For The Summer

From handbags to sandals to beach towels and more, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your fur style during the summer. You can choose a lightweight fur for a coverup when you head out to the beach or lay by the pool on a warm summer day. Sometimes accessorizing with real fur is even more stylish than a real fur jacket itself.

Fall Is The Beginning of Fur Season

Fur enthusiasts look forward to fall every year since it signifies the beginning of the fur season. When the temperatures get cooler, the pieces of fur you can wear get much wider. Fall is also a perfect time to restyle old fur you may have, even if it means transforming a real fur jacket into a real fur vest. And if you’re wanting to change up your fur even more, consider dyeing it to fit right in with the beautiful fall colors around you.

Furs Bring Ultimate Winter Warmth

There’s nothing better than a thick real fur jacket when you’re sitting by the fireplace in the winter. It’s hard to find any garment warmer than certain types of fur, so having a mix of different types in your closet can keep your style fresh while keeping you warm. Having jackets, vests, coats and other accessories allow you to mix and match so you will always look great and be comfortable no matter how low the temperatures drop.

Morris Kaye & Sons has a wide selection of furs to meet your specific tastes in style, no matter what season it is. Fur is versatile enough to be worn in different ways every day of the year, and you owe it to yourself to incorporate different pieces into your appearance. You always need your go-to real fur vest or jacket, but other accessories can help you rock your fur fashion year-round. Feel free to contact us at any time for more options and ideas on how to style your fur for any occasion.