how much is my fur coat worthYour real fur jacket is more than just a garment to keep you warm, it’s an investment. In fact, depending on the type of fur you have, it could be the most expensive item you have in your closet. Whether you’ve had your fur for a few months or many years, you need to ask the question of, “how much is my fur coat worth?”

Getting a fur appraisal from a professional appraiser is advantageous in many ways, other than simply knowing how much your vintage fur coats are worth. The earlier you can get your fur appraised, the better off you’ll be in the event it gets stolen or you’re ready to sell it. Here are some of the main benefits of getting a fur appraisal.

Maximize Sale or Replacement Value

It’s possible your vintage fur coats will look great throughout your lifetime and beyond. However, there may come a time when you’re ready to move on from it and invest in a new fur coat. This is where getting your fur appraised can come in handy, so you know exactly what it’s worth. Selling a luxury item like a real fur jacket is difficult if you don’t know the value. It may be priceless to you, but a potential buyer has to know what they are investing in.

Getting an appraisal also helps maximize the amount you will receive from insurance in the event your fur gets lost, stolen or destroyed. Fur typically looks great for decades if it’s well maintained, but it’s still beneficial to get it appraised as soon as possible to maximize the replacement value.

Estate Planning Benefits

An overlooked aspect of fur appraisals is how beneficial one can be when it comes to estate planning. When your fur gets passed down to your loved ones, it will make the process for them much easier if they know exactly how much it’s worth so they can decide whether they want to keep it or sell it. Some relatives may not know how costly vintage fur coats are, so having this information available to them will be helpful in more ways than one.

Know How Good of Shape Your Fur Is In

Sometimes people get disappointed when their fur appraisal comes back for a smaller amount than they had hoped for. At the very least, you can get constructive criticism on how well your fur has been taken care of and what you need to do to maintain its quality and value for the foreseeable future. It may not be possible to enhance the value of your fur, but knowing its condition can help you be more realistic when the time comes to part ways with it.

Morris Kaye & Sons wants to help you get the most out of any fur you invest in. Getting fur appraised is highly recommended, no matter what type of fur you have in your closet. Whether you purchased your fur from us or if you inherited it from somewhere else, give us a call and we can help you determine what it’s currently worth.