Anyone who hasn’t owned a real fur coat before may not fully appreciate the various styles to choose from. You may have seen celebrities walk the red carpet with beautiful fur coats and thought there’s no way you could ever afford something that looks so glamorous. Some types of fur coats can be costly, but believe it or not, many styles are reasonable for the average person to afford. Check out some of the many different styles of the classic fur coat to see which ones could fit your tastes.

Full-Length Fur Coats

The full-length real fur coat is what you usually see celebrities wear when they walk the red carpet. It is a symbol of classic fur and is one of the most glamorous garments you may ever own. A full-length real fur coat flows from around the neck down to the ankles, and you’ll surely make a strong impression on anyone who sees you. If you like going to formal events throughout the year, a full-length fur coat can be your go-to outfit every time. You’ll be one of the most stylish people in attendance, and you’ll also be the most comfortable.

Three-Quarter-Length Fur Coats

A three-quarter-length real fur coat extends down to about the knee area. Most people wear pants or other types of evening wear with a three-quarter-length fur coat just so the rest of their legs stay warm. It’s still one of the most elegant garments you can wear for formal occasions. In fact, some people prefer a three-quarter-length real fur coat over a full-length version so they don’t have to worry about the bottom of it getting dirty when walking outside. Plus, some people simply like the style of having a real fur coat that doesn’t extend down the entire body.

Short Fur Coats

A short fur coat is also called a mid-calf fur coat. It goes down to about the middle of the calf and can be adjusted depending on how tall you are. Both women and men like the short coat style, and it can be worn for many different occasions. Whether you attend formal events frequently or just like to look stylish on a dinner date or a night out with your friends, the mid-calf real fur coat is a great option.

Stroller Fur Coats

A stroller real fur coat is more like a longer-than-normal jacket since it comes down to about the mid-thigh area. People choose these types of fur coats when they want something warm and stylish but don’t necessarily want the coat to cover the majority of their bodies. It’s a perfect everyday coat that can be worn to work, running errands, or anything else you do throughout the day. You can choose from many different styles of stroller fur coats to fit your tastes. And the comfort you’ll experience with this type of real fur coat is unmatched compared to any other jacket you have.

Vintage Fur Coats

Whether you have access to fur coats that have been passed down generations or if you simply like the idea of owning something that has been around for many years, vintage fur coats are still very much in style. That’s one of the great things about a real fur coat. As long as it has been taken care of and maintained properly, it can look great for decades and get passed down several generations. Expert furriers might be able to tell the difference between new fur coats and vintage fur coats, but the average person likely won’t know the difference right away just by looking at it. So if you have vintage fur coats in your closet, feel free to wear them with pride, knowing they are still in style and likely provide the same amount of warmth as they did many years ago.

Morris Kaye & Sons loves helping customers find exactly what types of fur coats they like based on their specific style. We offer a wide selection of furs in our store and online, and we are always willing to provide additional information to help our customers make the right decision. There aren’t too many things better than a classic real fur coat, and the best thing about it is you can find various styles to fit your individual tastes. Whether you own multiple furs or if you’re a first-time fur buyer interested in learning more about them, contact us at any time, and we would be happy to help you in any way we can.