Anyone who has a fur coat knows how elegant it is and needs to protect it as much as possible. A real fur coat is durable and is made to last a very long time, but it also requires some maintenance, cleaning, and conditioning. It’s especially important to get your real fur coat checked out by a professional if it got wet or if you notice damage to it. Professional fur coat cleaning and conditioning can go a long way in extending the life of your fur coat. Here’s why those actions are so important and when you should do them.

Keep The Natural Oils Protected

The fur on your real fur coat won’t feel oily to the touch, but you can rest assured oils are present. This is not true with synthetic furs, however. Just like the oils on our hair, the oils on your real fur coat can dry out and be completely stripped if exposed to certain conditions. Oils can also dry out with time, even when your real fur coat is stored in your closet for a while. 

When the oils dry out, your real fur coat could lose some of the hair and possibly become weak and brittle. Once it gets to that point, even a professional fur coat cleaning might not be enough to revive it back to its original, durable condition. An annual professional fur coat cleaning can combat this, and it’s especially important to get your fur cleaned before storing it.

Dust And Dirt Can Damage Your Real Fur Coat

Even if you don’t observe any damage on your real fur coat, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any damaging elements present. When you wear it outdoors, it’s exposed to things like dirt, dust, and other pollutants. Those pollutants can get buried in the fur and cause the natural oils to dry out. And when you store the real fur coat, the dirt could rub against the lining and the abrasiveness may cause holes to develop. This is just another reason why a professional fur coat cleaning is important so you can clear yours from those harmful pollutants.

Fur Conditioning Should Be Completed Annually

Fur conditioning is also something you should consider in addition to professional fur coat cleaning. The process involves reintroducing some oils back into the real fur coat to keep the hairs moisturized and in great overall condition. It’s ideal to get this done after your annual cleaning so you can ensure all of the pollutants and contaminants have been removed. Your professional furrier can help you understand the process of fur conditioning in Dallas and why annual treatments are beneficial.

Professional Fur Coat Cleaning And Conditioning Extend The Lifespan

A common misconception new fur owners have is thinking they don’t have to care much for their real fur coat because it’s so durable. While the durability factor is true, it still requires some love to stay in as good of shape as possible. The day-to-day cleaning and care you do are important while you’re using it. And there’s nothing better than taking it to a professional furrier at the end of the season to remove all the contaminants and condition it to perfection. Doing so will extend the lifespan of your fur significantly so you can enjoy it in great condition for many years.

Morris Kaye & Sons offers fur conditioning in Dallas, as well as professional fur coat cleaning. Whether you store your real fur coat with us or not, we want to make sure it is in great shape before you put it in storage. It’s amazing what an annual cleaning and conditioning can do to a real fur coat, so contact us today to get yours maintained.