types of fur coatsAnyone who is new to furs may not realize exactly how many different types of fur coats are available. It’s easy to see some of the different styles, patterns, colors, length and more, but once you actually start shopping for yourself, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the various choices. Starting out with some of the most popular fur types can help you narrow down your selection. These are popular for a reason, as they offer a combination of comfort, style and warmth. Here are the most popular types of fur today.


Mink fur is one of the most popular fur types not only throughout the country, but worldwide as well. People like mink fur coats because they are extremely comfortable, the fur can be dyed almost any color to meet your style and they can range from formal to casual. Of course, mink fur coats may be the most popular type of garment worn, and men and women can both enjoy them.


Fox fur is almost as versatile as mink, and has different color options like red, white, gray, silver and even blue. And the natural colors can be dyed to fit your unique style. You can make a real fur coat out of fox fur, or you could turn it into stylish accessories.


Chinchilla fur is one of the highest quality furs you can find, which is why it’s also going to be the priciest types of fur you come across. Most people invest in chinchilla fur for formal events like weddings and other special occasions. The soft and silky texture is unmatched, making it one of the most comfortable types of fur coats you can own.


Coyote is a perfect fur for the winter since it has dense and long hair to keep you warm. You can find a real fur coat, blankets, hats and other accessories made from coyote fur and it’s one of the most durable types of fur available. And the unique mixture of gray, tan and brown colors is a great neutral look.


Beaver fur is similar to coyote fur in being one of the warmest items you can invest in. This type of fur may not look elegant and fluffy, but if you’re going out into frigid temperatures, there’s not another type of fur you would want to be wrapped in. Beaver fur can have a stylish appearance or even appeal to men more by looking rugged and durable.

Morris Kaye & Sons knows a thing or two about the most popular types of fur. We firmly believe there is a perfect fur for everyone out there, and it all starts with finding the right type that fits your style, tastes and needs. From everyday furs to furs you’ll only wear for certain occasions, we have them all and are here to answer all of your questions. Be sure to contact us to learn everything you could ever want to know about furs.