vintage fur coatsThere are many reasons why people buy fur coats. They may simply love how they look in them, appreciate the warmth they offer and understand the value of the investment. However, it’s no secret that furs can be a bit on the pricey side and may not always fall within a budget. The good news is you can find some amazing vintage fur coats at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality.

Used fur coats come from various sources. Sometimes they could be like brand new if the seller inherited it and has no use for it. Other times people may have worn it a couple of times and then moved to a warm climate that doesn’t merit using vintage fur coats as much. Here are a few other perks of buying a used fur coat.

You Can Find Great Prices

Some people simply want to get rid of their mink fur coat and aren’t interested in making a lot of money from it. It’s not uncommon to find vintage fur coats at discounts of 50% or greater compared to the brand new price. And if you purchase the coat from a reputable furrier, you can guarantee it has gone through extensive evaluations to determine the quality and authenticity.

You May Find A Quality Vintage Fur Coat

Not all vintage fur coats are equal. Some may be only a few years old, while others could be decades old. Many times vintage fur coats come from people who inherited them and don’t necessarily want to keep them around. If the fur was stored properly and taken care of, it still may have several years of use left in it. Just be sure to look for any tears, rips, cuts, holes or patches of missing fur to ensure it will be durable enough to meet your needs.

You Can Ask For Best Ways To Take Care Of The Fur

If you happen to buy a used mink fur coat directly from the owner, feel free to ask them as many questions as you would a retail store employee. Assuming the fur is in good shape, ask about how they took care of it, how it was stored, when it was worn and more. If possible, try to use similar care techniques so the fur will last you a long time.

Morris Kaye & Sons always believes a good value is important for consumers. Whether you buy your fur new or used, you need to remember your fur coat is an investment and should be taken care of accordingly. Once you’ve determined the quality of a particular used coat and it fits your needs from style and functional perspectives, don’t hesitate to take a great deal if you find one. And if you ever have questions about any aspect of a used fur coat, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and we would be happy to help.