types of fur coatsWhen you’re in the market for a real fur coat, you have plenty of options available to you. While there are plenty types of fur coats to choose from, we want to focus on fox fur since it is becoming increasingly popular. We never used to hear much about fox fur in the past centuries, but it has definitely become more common within the last 60 years or so. Why is this true? Here are some of the benefits and main reasons why people enjoy fox fur.

How Long Has Fox Fur Been Around?

Technically, some of the first fox furs were worn hundreds of years ago. During this time, furs in general were seen as being garments to wear in the evening or when it was cold outside. But as furs evolved, they’ve become more acceptable to wear for different occasions throughout the year. Fox fur began its rise in popularity since about 1960, which is when different types of fur coats in general became more affordable for the average person. Now everywhere you look there’s a chance you’ll see fox fur in some form or fashion.

Why People Choose Fox Fur Today

Fox fur isn’t typically chosen because of its excessive warmth as much as it is the comfort and style it offers. When people buy a real fur coat, they want one that looks great and keeps them warm when the temperatures are frigid. Fox fur is extremely soft and is available in many different natural colors. You can buy more of a neutral color that goes well with any wardrobe selection or go with a bolder look. The wide range of options makes fox fur very attractive for buyers.

A Fox Fur Coat Can Easily Be Repurposed

Another benefit of owning fox fur is it can easily be repurposed when you don’t want it as a real fur coat anymore. Some of the most common fur accessories you see today are made from fox fur and include headbands, purses, cuffs, collar trims, blankets and much more. Fox fur is durable enough to last for decades, so you have plenty of time and options to repurpose it and enjoy it for a long time.

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