Keep your real furs safe with real storage.
Real furs require proper storage to keep them safe.

The weather is warming up and spring has finally arrived after a long, cold winter. It’s now time to start bringing out the short sleeved tops and skirts or shorts in preparation for the summer months and put away all of your winter clothing and gear. However, do you know how to store a fur coat? Keeping real fur coats in your home throughout the summer months is a recipe for disaster. Whether you own mink fur coats or any other type of fur coats, fur storage is a top priority if you want to prolong the life of your winter fur coat.

Examine for Any Damages

Regardless of how careful you are with your winter fur coat, it can be damaged through regular wear, especially if you wear it often or in inclement weather. For this reason, your furrier will inspect your real fur closely when you bring it in for professional fur storage. This will allow him to identify any damages that need to be addressed so you can start wearing your fur coat as soon as the winter weather hits again. If you don’t inspect for damages and get them taken care of annually, you could find the damage becomes more severe until the coat is unwearable.

Repair the Damages

Once your furrier identifies any damages that have occurred over the winter months, he will be able to fix them so your coat is ready to wear as soon as you take it out of storage. This can include sewing any holes or rips and repairing any buttons or other accessories that have become loose due to regular wear. Only after the repairs are completed should your coat be placed into professional storage for the summer months.

Clean the Fur

Cleaning your mink fur coats isn’t like cleaning the other coats you have in your closet. These winter coats can be cleaned in your washing machine or through a dry cleaning service. However, real fur coats need to be cleaned through special methods. Before placing your fur coat into storage, your furrier will use these techniques to clean your fur coat to remove any dirt and debris and ensure it’s fresh and clean to wear once you bring it out of storage.

The Perfect Storage Conditions

Why can’t you store your fur coat in your own home? The answer is simple. Fur coats are sensitive to heat and humidity. Even if you keep your fur coat in a cool area of your home, such as the basement or an interior closet, it isn’t going to be the ideal humidity levels. Professional fur storage keeps your real furs at the ideal temperature and humidity levels to ensure the fur or the leather underneath doesn’t dry out or crack. The temperature should be cool, but not below freezing, and humidity levels should be no more than 50 percent.

A Secure Facility

Mink fur coats, as well as coats made from other real fur types, are an expensive investment. Therefore, you need to make sure you fully protect it. Keeping it in your home can be a serious risk. However, when you put it into fur storage, you can be sure it will be fully protected in a secure environment where no one else can get to it. It will be completely safe, whether your home is impacted by fire, theft or flooding. You won’t need to worry about whether your fur coat makes it through unscathed.

Don’t Keep Your Fur Home for Too Long

Many people put off putting their furs into fur storage for too long because they don’t want to pay the fees. However, this can put your fur coat at a serious risk for damages. Therefore, as soon as you are done wearing your coat for the season, it’s best to find a furrier to store your coat properly to keep it safe and protect your investment.

Real fur coats can be a great asset in the cold winter months when you need to stay warm against the bitter cold. However, when summer arrives, it’s time to put away the fur coat and start thinking about your warmer clothing. Storing your fur coat in your own home can cause serious damage, making it even more important to find a furrier you can trust with your fur storage needs.

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