fur styling in dallasMost people who buy a real fur coat take the time to find exactly what they want before making the purchase. Fur coats are a big investment in many ways and can last a lifetime if they are taken care of well enough. So when you’ve decided to buy a real fur coat, it’s worth the time and energy to find one you think you will wear for years to come. The color, shape and style are all factors to take into consideration. But what are some good starting points to help narrow down your options? We’ve got you covered with this guide to help you select the particular color and style of your real fur coat.

Your Hair Color Should Determine The Fur Color

In general, you probably have a good idea of what colors you look best in. It’s easy to think if you look good wearing black that you should get a black mink fur coat. While it’s entirely possible for that to be true, it’s not always the case. One of the most common rules of thumb when selecting a real fur coat is to not choose the same color as your hair color. Blondes typically look best with brown fur. Brunettes usually opt for black, red or mahogany fur. The main idea is to not match the color of the fur to your hair color, but you also don’t want the colors to be opposites.

Consider Your Body Shape When Selecting A Style

Many different styles of fur coats are available, so be sure to select the right one based on the shape of your body. People with a petite body shape do well with long fur coats, as long as they are cut properly and don’t look too big. People with fuller body shapes don’t want to necessarily select a fitted fur, but they also don’t want to pick one that looks like it’s hanging off of them. A professional furrier can help you select the perfect real fur coat and possibly even make a custom-fit fur if you can’t find the perfect one.

Never Sacrifice Quality

One of the main rules when deciding on the perfect color and style for your real fur coat is to never sacrifice quality. There are plenty of pieces of faux fur available, so always work with a reputable furrier to ensure what you’re purchasing is authentic. Any fur expert will be able to quickly tell the difference between real fur and fake fur. Regardless of the color and style you choose, the main thing is to ensure you buy quality real fur.

Morris Kaye & Sons offers a variety of furs to suit anyone’s needs. We also offer fur styling in Dallas and can customize different pieces to fit your desires. When you walk into our store, we want you to leave feeling confident in your purchasing decision. We take the time to answer all of your questions and fit you into the perfect fur. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about furs or visit us in our store for personalized assistance.