vintage fur coatsThere are many reasons why you may want to get rid of any vintage fur coats you have. You may have inherited the fur and have no use for it or you may have had it for many years and it no longer fits your desired style. Regardless of the situation, you want to get the most out of your fur when selling it, which means you need to do some due diligence. Having the right expectations will make selling the fur easier to deal with and you’ll feel better knowing you did everything you could to get the most value in return. Here are some of the top tips to consider when selling vintage fur coats.

Get A Fur Appraisal

The value of vintage fur coats can vary significantly. A vintage mink fur coat may be worth more or less than fox fur, but the only way to know for sure is by getting a professional fur appraisal. A professional will examine the fur in its entirety to get an idea of how old it is, whether any damage occurred that had to be repaired, where the fur originated from and more. With so many different variables to consider with vintage fur coats, the only way to find out the true value is to get a professional appraisal.

Understanding Different Values of Vintage Fur

It’s very common for people to think their real fur jacket is more valuable than it actually is. One of the reasons this happens is because there are different ways to define value. There is the fur’s replacement value, the resale value, the actual value and the estate value. When you get a fur appraisal, the professional will explain each of these to you in detail. You may be surprised at how different the replacement value is compared to the resale value. A major factor in this difference is the age and what the current demands are in the fur market.

When To Consider Donating Versus Selling

If your vintage mink fur coat ends up not being as valuable as you had hoped, you may have to make a tough decision. You can part ways with it and get less in return than you wanted, you can restyle it into different accessories or you may consider even donating it. Plenty of charities accept vintage fur coats and you could be helping someone in need stay warm. Even if you don’t get the financial return you expected, you can feel good knowing you helped others with your fur.

At Morris Kaye & Sons, we see vintage fur coats on a daily basis and can give you a good idea of how much yours is worth. Many people choose to restyle their fur rather than sell it outright, especially if the fur has a long family history. The truth is you have plenty of options with your vintage fur and you owe it to yourself to explore them all to ensure you’re comfortable with your final decision. If you ever need any helpful tips or advice on what to do with your vintage fur, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.