Morris Kaye real fur accessoriesThere’s no better time of year to break out your favorite real fur coat than winter. In fact, real fur accessories are a staple of the season! As the weather grows colder, you may want nothing more than to swaddle yourself in a thick bundle of fur to keep your warm. This is actually fur’s claim to fame, after all; the very reason it became a fashion staple was all for the sake of helping people stay warm and cozy even during the coldest of times. To help you celebrate the season, here is a list of some of the most stylish real fur accessories to wear this winter, from the classic real fur coat and beyond.

Variable Vests

Fur vests are one of the most woefully overlooked pieces of fur fashion on the market. However, they’re perfect for winter, especially in areas where snow isn’t a common occurrence even throughout the coldest parts of the year. They’re quite easy to incorporate into an outfit as well! Simply slip one on over your favorite turtleneck, crewneck sweater, casual dress or similar top and you’re good to go. You can find them in a variety of different types of furs as well as numerous colors and patterns. Shop around to find the perfect fur vest for you!

Casual Collars

When it comes to real fur accessories, fur collars are one of the easiest to wear. All you have to do is snap one over your favorite coat or jacket, or even coiled around your neck with a cute sweater. Just as with vests, you can find fur collars in many colors and lengths, making it easy to find something you can easily fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Fabulous Coats

We couldn’t get through this article without mentioning the ever popular real fur coat! These classic accessories are one of the most perfect varieties for the winter months. They are not only comfortable and cozy against those extra harsh winter winds, but you have an extremely vast selection of differently styled coats to choose from. This means you’ll never run dry of options, and can always select something to complement your outfit or the occasion. You can wear a real fur coat with just about any other piece in your closets, from a luxurious evening gown to a simple top and leggings or jeans.

If you want to learn more about fur styling in Dallas or San Antonio, our team at Morris Kaye & Sons is here to help! We are well versed in all things related to fur fashion and want to help you look as stylish as possible. Come to us for help with maintaining your fur, as well as when you’re ready to pick out a brand new piece to add to your collection. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can help fellow fur enthusiasts just like you!