Find a professional furrier for fur storage.
Proper fur storage keeps your fur coats looking great.

Fur fashions are a must for many people to keep warm during the winter, while staying fashionable. However, many people have no need for these fur coats and other fur accessories during the hot summer months. So what are you supposed to do with your furs? Fur storage is a necessary step to ensure your furs are properly protected in a controlled environment. Before you store your furs, follow these tips for storage.

Fur Repairs

If your furs have been damaged during the winter season, placing your fur coats in storage is the ideal time to complete any fur repairs. In fact, when you take your coat in to the furrier, he will ask if you have noticed any damage. Even if you haven’t noticed anything, he will inspect your coat and complete any necessary repairs. This means your coat will be ready for you to wear as soon as the cold weather hits.

Fur Cleaning

The time for fur storage is also an excellent time for fur cleaning. Fur coats may not be visibly dirty, but dust, dirt and small debris can build up in between the hairs. This makes fur cleaning an essential task to complete before storing your fur coats for the summer. Unfortunately, furs require specialized cleaning methods. Allowing your furrier to complete this process will protect your furs and prolong their life span.

Fur Restyling

One last consideration to make before you store your furs is whether you want to restyle them into something different. Perhaps you no longer like the style of your coat or it is an inherited piece that doesn’t fit your style. Regardless of the reason, fur restyling can best be done when it is time for fur storage. This is because you already won’t be wearing your furs, allowing you to enjoy your new fur piece as soon as the cold weather arrives.

Fur coats are a great way to stay warm in the winter, but they require special fur storage during long periods of not using them. A professional furrier will ensure your furs are properly stored in the right conditions. Most homes can’t accommodate the specific climate requirements to keep the furs in great shape, which means home storage should not be an option.

If you are looking for a furrier for fur storage, contact us. We can store your furs in the right conditions to prolong their life and keep them looking great.