how to store a fur coatWhen you buy a new real fur coat, your level of excitement is likely through the roof. However, in order to keep your excitement level high and your coat looking great, you need to know how to store a fur coat. Simply hanging up your fur coat in a closet or storing it in an attic when you won’t be wearing it for a while isn’t ideal. You don’t have to go too far out of your way to achieve this, but here are some essential tips to ensure you’re giving your fur the proper care it deserves.

Your Fur Needs To Breathe

One important thing to remember when hanging your real fur coat in a closet is to allow some space between it and your other garments. If it’s stuffed in between other clothes, the friction may cause some of the fur to rub off or get damaged in other ways. The fur doesn’t need to be completely isolated from the rest of the clothes in your closet, but at least give it a few inches in between. Also, as tempting as it may be to store your real fur coat in a bag to protect it, you should avoid this storage method. Air circulation is essential for keeping fur looking great for years to come.

Hang Your Fur In A Cool Closet

Your fur shouldn’t hang in a closet that’s exposed to sunlight or other bright lights. It also shouldn’t be directly exposed to heat vents or stored in a basement or an attic. The ideal condition for storing your real fur coat is in a cool and dry environment. It’s often difficult to achieve this ideal condition in a home, so you can always explore options for fur storage in Dallas to protect your fur investment.

Don’t Use Chemicals To Clean Your Fur

Chemicals can be extremely damaging to fur, so avoid them at all costs. You may have heard about moths being a problem when they decide to live in your fur coat, but putting chemicals on or near the coat is not the best solution. Instead, follow the tips we mentioned previously and always inspect your real fur coat for any moths and shake them out as needed. The best fur coats are the ones that don’t get touched or moved around much when stored, and especially ones that don’t get cleaned with harsh chemicals.

Morris Kaye & Sons offers fur storage in Dallas to help you protect your fur investment. Our storage facility is climate controlled to create the ideal environment for any type of fur. Many people don’t know how to store a fur coat, since it requires a little more care than the average jacket, but we are here to help. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our storage options or how we can help you care for your fur in the best possible ways.