how to take care of real furWhen most people think of summer, the first image that comes to mind is constant sunshine and overbearing heat—the kind of weather that sends you reaching for your shorts and swimsuits rather than a real fur coat. However, rain can be just as prevalent (and unpredictable!) during the summertime as it is during the spring months. These changes in the weather can produce drops in temperature that are just cool enough to allow you to wear some of your heavier fur accessories, such as a vest or jacket, with less discomfort.

Of course, the idea of wearing a real fur coat (or anything similar) in the midst of a downpour can create even more discomfort for fur enthusiasts. After all, doesn’t water ruin fur? Is it really safe to wear your fur out in the rain? Keep reading to learn the real answer to this question.

Fur Accessories Can Handle a Little Drizzle

Believe it or not, fur apparel is naturally designed to be able to handle some moisture without falling apart. Back when your fur was a living animal, it inevitably got caught in the rain here and there and managed to remain intact. It’s true that your fur is no longer alive, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t retained its water resistant properties. The vast majority of fur apparel still possess the oils that were biologically produced by the animal it was made from. These oils allow water to easily roll off the fur and keep it relatively safe from water-related damage.

Be Mindful of the Amount of Water

While fur apparel is generally more water resistant than other fabrics, that doesn’t mean it can survive in large amounts of water. A big part of how to take care of real fur is knowing your fur’s limits and what situations and conditions can present the biggest hazards. As such, you should try to avoid getting caught in huge thunderstorms and torrential amounts of rain while wearing your fur. We definitely understand unpredictable things happen all the time. On the off chance you do wind up with a completely waterlogged piece of fur apparel, you should try to book an appointment with a professional in fur care as soon as you possibly can.

Caring for Wet Fur

If your fur has gotten only a bit wet, you can easily allow it to dry out naturally. This means avoiding the temptation to take a blow dryer to the piece of apparel or letting it sit in the window or on your balcony. All of these actions can make the condition of your fur much worse, as fur and excessive sunlight and heat never mix. All you have to do is hang your fur normally, preferably on a specialized hanger, and store it somewhere dimmed where it can get lots of air.

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