Morris Kaye vintage fur coatsFur has enjoyed a particularly long history within the fashion world, having risen in popularity during its early periods only to crash into an unfortunate period of slander for several years, starting in the mid 1990s. However, as of the 2010’s, fur seems to have undergone a sudden and wonderful revival. Where did this resurgence come from? What exactly brought vintage fur coats back into fashion? If you’re as big of a fur fashion enthusiast as we are, you may have found yourself pondering this question. We’re here to give you the answers.

Fur’s Terrible Fall

Before we get into fur’s renewed popularity, we should first get into fur’s fall from grace. PETA sits at the helm of this particular set of events—which may serve as no surprise, due to their exclusive involvement in the animal rights scene. Throughout the early ‘90s, PETA was one of the most vocal organizations against fur fashion, citing its creation as being founded through despicable acts of animal cruelty. There’s no denying their methods were extreme. They launched numerous campaigns to make their point known, including a runway show where they recruited some of the world’s top models, during which they all stated their objections to wearing real fur in front of a large, live audience.

PETA’s efforts proved successful over time. For two decades, they managed to topple the popularity of fur fashion to the ground. Consumption of real fur accessories came to a halt.

What Changed?

You may be surprised to learn the answer to this prevailing question is simple. Furriers have gotten smarter with their farming and distribution methods. One of the largest concerns with fur fashion is the means of procuring such furs. Because the argument of many was that the industry is inhumane, furriers have switched up their methods of obtaining animal pelts to match current standards of how animals should be treated. Furriers around the world are now striving to treat the animals whose pelts we wear with kindness and respect.

Minks and various other animals are allowed to remain in environments as close to their natural habitats as possible, in some cases. Other living spaces are carefully cultivated with the health of the animals in mind. Pelt animals are given only the highest quality food, comfortable amounts of space and objects to occupy themselves with. The result is a happier animal and, eventually, a stunning piece of fur.

The 2010 Fur Boom

These changes have not gone unnoticed within the fashion community. Research shows, in fact, that fur fashion has jumped to over 70 percent in terms of runway prominence and outlet sales. The stigma isn’t entirely gone, but stores specializing in the sale of vintage fur coats are enjoying the benefits this boom has to offer.

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