Learn how to store a fur coat properly.
Do you know how to store a fur coat?

Do you know how to store a fur coat? If you’re like many people, you may not initially understand how to take care of real fur is much different than your other coats. In fact, you can’t simply put it away in a box or at the back of a closet somewhere when it’s out of season. Instead, you need to use proper fur storage in Dallas to protect your investment and the integrity of the coat. If you fail to store it properly, you can expect to experience these issues.

Dryness or Mold

You may wonder how each of these issues can occur. It all depends on the conditions in your home. Fur coats and other furs require a specific humidity during storage. If your home is either too damp or too dry, it can raise one of these issues. A humid home can result in the growth of mold over the summer months, while drier air can cause the pelt to dry out and become brittle. Because it is nearly impossible to precisely control the humidity in your home, it isn’t advised.

Deterioration of the Fur

Furs are a natural material and aren’t designed to last forever. Like many other things in nature, the pelts from which fur coats and accessories are made will deteriorate over time. However, if you are improperly storing your furs in your own home, you will speed up this process. Your local furrier will take the additional steps needed to keep your furs in a controlled environment, slowing down the natural deterioration so you can enjoy your fur coat for much longer.

Insect Damage

You may think mothballs and storing your real furs in a tight container will ensure it isn’t damaged by bugs during the summer months. While this is true, it’s also important to note mothballs and storing in a closed container will both lead to issues of their own. Your coat will develop an odor and will be susceptible to the dryness or mold as mentioned above.

Knowing how to store a fur coat is essential if you want it to last as long as possible and reduce the risk of damage. In addition to keeping your furs in a carefully controlled environment, you can also be assured it will be stored safely so it’s ready to wear the next time the cold weather comes around.

If you’re looking for fur storage in Dallas, contact us. We provide the reliable storage you need to protect your valuable investment.