The International Fur Foundation manages the fur industry.
Fur fashion is regulated by the IFF.

The International Fur Federation, or IFF, is an organization that places focus on the proper treatment of fur-bearing animals and the furrier business itself. They are considered the voice of the fur industry. For more than 60 years, the IFF has put the fur trade’s interests first, ensuring high standards in the production of fur coats and other types of fur fashions.

What Is Their Mission?

The mission of the IFF drives everything they do for the fur industry. Their goal is to promote innovation in fur fashion, as well as maintain the quality in production and the furs themselves. They also strive to protect the interests of the fur industry by helping people see the positive sides and overcome the negative stigma other organizations try to push. The IFF creates and implements strict standards by which animal welfare and those who appreciate fur coats and fur fashion benefit.

About the IFF

The IFF was created in 1949 when members of the fur industry formed this organization. The goal was to bring together furriers and others in the fur industry from around the world. There are currently a total of 42 member organizations around the world in 35 countries. These countries include most of the top producers of fur fashion products. Their focus is on bringing together all those who are involved in this industry, including farmers, trappers, brokers, auction houses, merchants, wholesalers, retailers and more.

Their Work

The IFF participates in a number of tasks to fulfill their mission and their goals. They are in charge with providing the media with the latest information on the fur trade industry. They are also responsible for ensuring the welfare and environmental responsibility of all the members. The IFF also works hard to promote innovation in the field, while maintaining global social responsibility, which is a major concern in the fur industry.

Fur coats and fur fashion has become a major industry throughout the world. For this reason, they needed an organization to look out for their best interests. The International Fur Federation, or IFF, was created to serve this role in the fur industry.

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