how to take care of real furThe decision to purchase any piece of fur apparel is a lot bigger than it initially seems. Most newbies to fur fashion assume owning a coat, vest or any other accessory is no different than having any regular piece of clothing on hand. You may have even believed this when you first began collecting furs. However, knowing how to take care of real fur is a bit more complex than caring for a cashmere sweater or your favorite pair of jeans. Fur in and of itself is one of the most fragile types of materials out there, even more so if it’s of the vintage variety. It can be very easy to mess up its care and wind up with a huge mess on your hands. That being said, here are a few mistakes to watch out for and avoid.

Do NOT Let Your Fur Get Soaked

When you’re new to collecting fur apparel, there’s one thing you have to learn immediately: avoid excessive amounts of water! Just like your own hair, the fur on your fur coat contains a delicate amount of natural oils. However, since the fur attached to your fur apparel is no longer alive, it can’t continually replenish its oils like your hair can. This makes it especially vulnerable to high amounts of water. Pay special attention to the weather forecasts during the rainier parts of the year to avoid getting your coat exposed to downpours and storms. On the off chance you do wind up getting your fur completely soaked, seek out a professional furrier as soon as possible. They will have the skills necessary to salvage your coat by drying it out and replenishing any lost oils.

Do NOT Shrug Off Minor Damages to Your Fur

All clothing becomes old and worn over time; that’s simply a fact of life. When it comes to a t-shirt or pair of jeans, you can either repair the problem with a needle and thread, stick to only wearing the article of clothing around the house or throw it out entirely. The same can’t be said for fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio (and elsewhere!), which are all made to be seen. Again, the delicacy of fur apparel comes into play. The moment you notice any tearing in your fur, get in touch with your nearest professional so they can start the repair process. Letting it sit will only make things worse and, in some cases, beyond repair.

Do NOT Use a Washing Machine to Clean Your Fur

The way you clean a fur coat is much different from how you clean the rest of your wardrobe. You will need assistance from an expert, who has all of the right equipment and skills necessary to render your fur spotless. If you’re in Texas, the best resource to turn to for this need is our team at Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas and San Antonio.

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